Finding the Authentic You

Your Destiny is Discovering You

by Lainie Morrison-Fryer Illustrated by Sammy Ilustre

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Language : English
Publication Date : 5/20/2021

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 6x9
Page Count : 186
ISBN : 9781982265557
Format : Hardcover
Dimensions : 6x9
Page Count : 186
ISBN : 9781982265540
Format : E-Book
Dimensions : N/A
Page Count : 186
ISBN : 9781982265533

About the Book

This book is about the self-discovery of YOU. My journey starts with the story of my parents and their life-lessons, which were obviously the building blocks in my own personal development. Over the past six years in experiencing my own awakening, I began to understand that those building blocks were only just a part of the foundation of who I actually am. Yet, it continually raised the questions: "Why am I here?" "What is my true soul’s purpose?" “What is my destiny?” From early childhood into adulthood, and where you are right now, we all experience moments of victory and moments of defeats. Each hold secrets and life lessons for our personal development and soul journey. It's the blessings within the lessons that make reaching our destination rewarding and fulfilling. We are more than just our 3D bodies, we have a spirit, our soul. What makes up the physical and spiritual essence of who you are? This book dives deep into what it takes to discover your life’s purpose while living in the human avatar experience. It's about finding your authentic self through gaining a greater understanding of the physical and metaphysical components of your existence. These realms include the spiritual, mental, physical, and emotional parts of our being. When you start to understand the truths about yourself within each of these elements, it inspires a deeper look and greater awareness of where you were, THE PAST; where you are now, THE PRESENT; and the enlightenment of understanding of what areas in your life need to be adjusted in order to align to your true destination in living an authentic life, THE FUTURE. You will naturally begin to look beyond the lenses of the third dimensional world and experience life from a higher and broader perspective. Within this book, you will discover different techniques and tools which can assist you in tapping into your higher zero-point self, which is explained further within the book. You will learn about your spiritual team, your soul-tribe, your angels, guardian angels and the archangels who are here with you on this amazing adventure. It is my hope that my own personal stories, truths, and life-lessons give you hope, understanding, encouragement and support as you prepare for your own great adventure of finding your true self. On your journey, you will understand depth of God’s love and realize the importance of self-love. Throughout this book I refer to source, universe, high-power as God. Let your soul resonate and your spirit lift as you read through the pages of my own personal life experiences and discover and uncover the secrets of living the life you want and deserve. “Finding the Authentic You.”

About the Author

Born as a SUN RISING Scorpio, Lainie is not afraid to dive deep into the murky waters of life. She is fascinated with what lies underneath the surface. She has a magnetic power to illuminate her light on the shadows of darkness within this world to bring forth truths, without fear. The truths she finds are not only for only her own self-awareness, personal growth, and enlightenment, but also for the here and now, as she stands in the gap and holds her light for the world. Her journey started from being the second born child to two young adult parents and growing up in a small community in Michigan. She achieved her B.B.A. from Eastern Michigan University, with a focus on Marketing and Advertising. With God’s great sense of humor, her career did not end up in the field of her university studies. She landed her first job in the criminal justice field. Over the past 30 years, she held various positions from Judicial Aide, Court Reporter, to her current role as a Probation Officer. Her current role provides the opportunity to assist people in discovering their own God-given potential and provides a platform to breathe belief into those who are seeking spiritual, emotional, mental support, and healing. After her father’s death, she reflected on his life and lives of her family. This lead to a vision and calling to share these thoughts in writing. Because she felt the need to reach a broader audience, she published her first book, “Finding the Authentic You.” She is a Reiki Master and Spiritual Life Coach and shares these gifts with her clients in her spiritually based business, Mindful Bliss Living. Her closest friends would describe her as intelligent, strong, vibrant, honest, passionate, organized, inquisitive, open-minded, energetic, encouraging, motivating, dedicated, loyal, and conscientious with an unwavering faith. Lainie loves beauty, the arts, truth, honesty, kindness, balance, harmony and expresses her love through her actions and selfless nature. She balances her loving, caring, outgoing personality with her direct, assertive, yet private nature. She is grateful for the love, guidance, and direction from her soul-tribe, which includes her family and her soul-sisters here on earth, and the guidance from our creator, God, and His angels, archangels, and spirit guides within the celestial realm, as she continues on her own journey in discovering her soul’s purpose.