The Intuitive Messages Handbook

by Marisa Maney B.A. M.S.Ed.

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Language : English
Publication Date : 9/24/2020

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 5x8
Page Count : 130
ISBN : 9781982255084
Format : E-Book
Dimensions : N/A
Page Count : 130
ISBN : 9781982255091

About the Book

The messages in this book are a combination of my education, experiences as well as missives that come to me from a source that I cannot define. You may call it deep intuition, a gift from beyond or the source. I write the words that come through my hands, when I read them back, I feel inspired and enlightened. I know that anyone reading the narration needs the energy being relayed and will benefit from it. Many of these statements though this book have questions for you to answer, there is work to be done. Messages alone cannot resolve all your challenges. Being honest with yourself and feeling the emotions that arise when you explore these ideas will open your best course for personal tranquility. Each chapter will start with a story that is a combination of experiences people have had related to the chapter topic. The way that you access this book is completely up to you but my idea behind its use is that you open the book when you feel you need some inspiration or guidance. Open to any page, that page or paragraph you see will be your message for the day or moment. The words will be aligned with what you are seeking. Of course, feel free to read through the book or look to a specific chapter for guidance. The messages you find will be energetically aligned to your needs. Many of the lessons may seem similar but worded in a unique way. This is important because messages will resonate in various ways at different times for the reader. There are very simple ways to improve your life, outlook, and experiences. It may take time to understand the messages and work with them but when you learn how to view your encounters from a place of growth, a whole new world will open to you.

About the Author

Marisa is wife, mother and a School Counselor who has had a career in a public school for over twenty years. She has dedicated herself to the children and families that she works with to ensure that they are healthy both socially and emotionally as they move through school. Marisa’s path has always been as a healer and helper. As life took its’ twists and turns and she faced some emotional upheavals, she accessed alternative health modalities. She chose hypnosis, working with a naturopath, chiropractor, and energy healers which lead her to a heightened level of intuitiveness. She has been using this gift for almost a decade to work with men and women outside of her day job with the goal of helping to create healthy people and a loving society. She felt inspired by the success of her clients to compile messages and her knowledge of positive mental health practices for others to access as needed. She has a great love of her small family and her focus is on living life to the fullest and meeting each challenge with as much grace, common sense, and skill as she can. Marisa’a goal is to reach as many people in need who have the desire to live happier and fuller lives as she can. She has a vision of a society filled with strong, united, loving people. She welcomes you to take a journey with her to greatness.