Heme Inc.

by Mark Roberts

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Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 11/28/2018

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 5.5x8.5
Page Count : 272
ISBN : 9781982206345
Format : Hardcover
Dimensions : 5.5x8.5
Page Count : 272
ISBN : 9781982206369
Format : E-Book
Dimensions : N/A
Page Count : 272
ISBN : 9781982206352

About the Book

Heme Inc. is a book that weaves biblical text about the creation of the world with sword and fantasy. It is a shadow world built into the fiber of the real world. Vampires, elves, dwarves and werewolves are all in abeyance to the highest, until one tribe chose to join Lucifer in his quest to make the almighty fall. In the middle of this is Remy Robon. Deep within his genes is a secret to a prophecy—a prophecy so old it has been forgotten by many. Part of that secret is the creation of humankind and what they were bred for. Remy has no idea of the path a chance meeting has placed him on. His genes sing out to the first tribes in the world—the tribes following the path of God faithfully and the one tribe that has denounced him completely, a path filled with intrigue and lies and a truth that will result in war and blood. All Remy requires is a little blood to begin his quest and his thirst. This book speaks of the beginning of that quest and his soon-to-be never-ending thirst. Remy’s life has been a training ground for what is to come. Fighting and healing on several continents were his personal education. Protected from the truth most of his life, he is now thrust into the fray following a near-death event that resulted in being given life by another. This is the first volume in a story that spans centuries but will come to begin in earnest today.

About the Author

Mark Roberts is a registered nurse who lives in Arizona. Mark was brought up in a house of eight children where he learned the importance of family, honor and love. His work is inspired by society’s values and everyday life. He has self published a book of poetry with Xlibris called “My Own Brown Bag of Poetry”.