No Bacon! No Eggs! No Apple Pie?

Spring Season Recipes Without Gluten, Dairy or Meat from the Kitchen of Cougar Mountain Therapy Center

by Ania Przepierzynska

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Language : English
Publication Date : 7/9/2018

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 8.5x8.5
Page Count : 124
ISBN : 9781982206154
Format : E-Book
Dimensions : N/A
Page Count : 124
ISBN : 9781982206161

About the Book

No Bacon! No Eggs! No Apple Pie? is a collection of recipes from the kitchen of Cougar Mountain Therapy Center as they have evolved over the past two decades. As the title suggests, these recipes use no meat, no dairy, and no gluten. In this spring cookbook, you will find thirty-one delicious recipes, one for every day of the month. There is an emphasis on seasonal eating and using locally grown vegetables and fruit as much as possible. You can enjoy a whole season of clean eating with these simple-to-prepare healthy meals. Recipes include some less common ingredients such as teff, goji berries, adzuki beans, black beluga lentils, chia seeds, miso, arugula, and bok choy. These recipes help you bring out the flavors of your food with herbs, spices, lemon juice, apple cider vinegar, and unrefined oils. As you enjoy these recipes, you will reeducate your taste buds to become accustomed to the taste of real food. If you are looking for a better way to nourish yourself, if you are facing health challenges or food intolerances, or if you simply realize that you need to be kinder to your body and don’t know where to begin, this cookbook is for you. It will serve as your guide to making the shifts you need—however small—one day and one season at a time. Ania has always had an interest in food and a particular love of vegetables. She was raised in a traditional Polish family following the typical European style of eating with its deep appreciation of homegrown food. She began helping in the garden and in the kitchen at the age of 5.

About the Author

Ania has always had a pioneering spirit and moved across the ocean to Canada when she was 19. While living in Montreal in the 80’s, a holistic approach to eating became popular. She took courses in this area, studied and worked in the famous Le Comencal vegetarian restaurant. Soon people around her recognized her expertise and she began to teach courses on nutrition, cooking and eating in a healthy vegetarian way. When she met Elisabeth Padzierski, acupuncturist, healer and founder of Cougar Mountain Therapy Center, she was given a venue to truly express her magic in the kitchen. Cougar Mountain addresses critical illness in a holistic way. An integral part of that healing process is nutrition. Ania met the challenges of different people’s needs with finesse, and effortlessly combined her knowledge of the science and chemistry of digestion with the nurturing aspect of enriching flavourful foods. According to Elisabeth: “She has so much integrity that it shows in her food. Her food is true, simple, generous, and just beautiful. She guides people in a thoughtful way, giving a very practical and simple approach to healthful cooking and nutrition.” Having worked with Elisabeth for over twenty years, and the twenty years of ensuing requests for her recipes, Ania has finally completed this work of art. This is the first of four cookbooks that we can look forward to as Ania honours the body’s innate connection to the earth’s seasons and the foods that feed and nurture the body’s natural rhythms. You can visit her website,