Searching …

A Peek into the Invisible World of Energy and Healing

by Donna Linn & Suzan J. Wells

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Language : English
Publication Date : 9/26/2018

Format : Hardcover
Dimensions : 6x9
Page Count : 200
ISBN : 9781982211844
Format : E-Book
Dimensions : N/A
Page Count : 200
ISBN : 9781982211868
Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 6x9
Page Count : 200
ISBN : 9781982211851

About the Book

Perhaps the way you have been living is no longer working for you—or maybe you feel there must be more to life. Do you feel you would like to try a different path? Are you looking for something new? You already have the answers to your questions; you just need to reach out and take them. Discover how to access them through the world of energy and healing. You can create positive, lasting change and experience new possibilities, insight, and understanding. Searching … A Peek into the Invisible World of Energy and Healing explores the many options for healing available: • Healing yourself, receiving healing, and learning to give to others • Twenty-first-century healing modalities • Innovative modalities • Established healing modalities • Healing with the body • Kick-starting your healing In this simple and accessible guide, coauthors Donna Linn and Suzan J. Wells share their wisdom, describe the things they wish they had known earlier, and provide resources for further exploration. You can change your energy—and change your world!

About the Author

Donna Linn Donna Linn has had a wide range of interests in the metaphysical field. For more than forty years, she learned everything she could through classes, books, workshops, and friendships. Donna became more involved in the healing aspect of metaphysics when her husband started actively pursuing and using his healing ability. She and her husband welcomed many people to their metaphysical store (1990–2001). It offered books, crystals, jewelry, healing sessions, sponsored classes, workshops, and speakers. Donna also lectured at many venues about how herbs were used historically. She continues to study and practice many different modalities, including Astrology, AumaKhua-Ki®, Biologic Decoding®, Divine Healing, Galactic Healing®, Herbs (C.H.), Human Design, Numerology, Quantum Touch®, Reiki (master teacher), Soul Contract, and ThetaHealing™, among others. After retiring from public-school teaching, she began writing and subsequently published three books, which are listed below and available on Amazon: Breaking the Code 2011 (utilizing date of birth to reveal significant years) Beyond the Code 2012 (using sacred pictures to receive information, answers) Inside the Code 2015 (recognizing numerology and pictures within the I Ching matrix) Donna continues to teach, write, and share her extensive knowledge of healing and numerology with individuals and groups. She teaches Galactic Healing®, Esoteric Numerology workshops, and also offers Esoteric Numerology readings, both short and long. To schedule a Galactic Healing®, an Esoteric Numerology workshop, or an individual Esoteric Numerology reading, contact her at: (Subject Line: Numerology). Suzan J. Wells One day, Suzan knew beyond doubt that something had to change, that her life could not continue as it was: busy and stressful, always juggling, always putting everyone’s needs ahead of mine. It was as though life just happened, and she had no choice or say. She felt a deep yearning for meaning and questioned whether there was more to life. Things started slowly with yoga, an aura reading, and a self-healing course. Then, in 2010, Suzan had a reading and felt at a deep level that everything had been as it should. There was a plan for her life, and she had made the plan. It dawned on her, in the most profound way, that this meant she could change things. And she has. Many times. Along the way, she experienced feeling lost, directionless, and confused, thinking that the task was impossible. After more readings, numerous types of healing, and learning that included physiology, psychology, philosophy of ancient yogis, established and cutting-edge energy techniques, meditation, body, breath and voice practices, structured as well as intuitive techniques, leadership skills, and training to teach others, Suzan has given numerous healings, as well as leading groups and workshops for more than fifteen years. Suzan’s experience has gone from merely existing to being fully present in her body and in the world, enjoying life and living her purpose. Her deepest desire is to help you find the quickest and easiest possible way to live authentically and to your full potential, and to share the things she wishes she had known earlier.