14 Reasons You’re Not Letting Yourself Heal

How Many of These Are Keeping You Miserable and Stuck?

by Coach D Anthony

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Language : English
Publication Date : 11/17/2017

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 6x9
Page Count : 166
ISBN : 9781504390187
Format : Hardcover
Dimensions : 6x9
Page Count : 166
ISBN : 9781504390200
Format : E-Book
Dimensions : N/A
Page Count : 166
ISBN : 9781504390194

About the Book

14 Reasons You're Not Letting Yourself Heal
If you're anything like most struggling Survivors, you've most likely come to buy-in to the belief that there are no shortcuts for devastating grief. Of course, the perspective being that grief simply takes whatever time it takes - and there's not much anyone or anything can do to change that harsh reality...
However, what if that's not exactly correct? What if there are most definitely changes you can incorporate that will serve to both minimize the depths of your day-to-day pain and sorrow, and greatly limit the duration of time grief continues to overwhelm you so? What if I suggest this with complete confidence because helping Survivors, similarly stuck and in misery, free themselves by implementing these very shortcuts - is exactly what I've spent the better part of over 5+ years now doing? 

Even more alarming, what if I suggested to you that it's the belief that nothing can help that's most exacerbating and prolonging the misery and pain that has been consuming you? What if this is what's most dissuaded you from seeking the right solutions and most capable support to help you through this? And finally, what if the net effect has been the 'no shortcuts' belief growing into a powerful self-fulfilling prophecy - ultimately serving only to keep you hopelessly and helplessly locked in this never-ending cycle of darkness, heartache and sorrow?

"14 Reasons You're Not Letting Yourself Heal" stands in direct contradiction to that whole 'being hopelessly stuck and there being nothing that can be done' mentality. It serves as an uplifting and highly-empowering road-map out of the grief-stricken darkness and devastation for Survivors who are once and for all in need of seeing things commence to change. As a much-needed, no-nonsense, recovery primer, 14 Reasons serves as a powerful, frank and often counter-intuitive demystification of debilitating grief – and 14 prominent associated myths, keeping far too many hopelessly trapped, overwhelmed and consumed in excruciating pain and sorrow.
Simply put, the purpose of 14 Reasons is to equip and empower you to turn the proverbial page on your grief recovery, in route to finally giving you your life back. What do you say? Ready to get started?

About the Author

As a Grief Recovery and Empowerment Coach, D Anthony has honed a highly unique and powerful methodology for disrupting even the most longstanding, toxic and taxing psychological effects of devastating grief. Over the past 5+ years, he has helped private Coaching clients and countless others, via a sizable social media reach, learn vital new insights, perspective and techniques to help them break free from the debilitation inflicted on their lives by paralyzing grief, guilt and sorrow.