Seven Five

Imagine and Create Your Own World

by Linda Redford

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Language : English
Publication Date : 8/3/2017

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 8.5x11
Page Count : 26
ISBN : 9781504379809
Format : E-Book
Dimensions : N/A
Page Count : 26
ISBN : 9781504379816

About the Book

Introducing the Adawees, guardians of wisdom! There is an apparent void in children’s entertainment that speaks of myths that can heal and unite our children. The Imagine and Create Your Own World book series fills this void. These storybooks take place in diverse lands and honor various cultures and their traditions. In each book, the central character is faced with an emotional challenge and undergoes a unique transformation. As characters meet each other in successive stories, a common goal is developed that promotes social harmony, as well as each character’s personal growth. These unique storybooks invite readers of all ages to embrace their own creativity and illustrate their version of the stories. By inviting the reader to imagine and create what is in their mind’s eye, valuable metaphors and lessons are explored. Whether in the home or in the classroom, the Imagine and Create Your Own World books are a rewarding, interactive experience that nourishes emotional intelligence and prosocial values.

About the Author

Linda Redford is the Founder and President of Honor Kids International (HKI), a non-profit foundation whose mission is to restore honor and safety to children across the globe. As a mother and grandmother, Linda has firsthand experience for what’s missing for the children.

During a near-death experience in 1982, Linda was shown an incredible planetary vision of peace; where children were safe and people lived in harmony with each other and the natural world. Being mixed blood Cherokee, Linda turned to indigenous understanding as visions often reveal a person’s sacred purpose.

At that time, Linda was a single mom, raising two young children in Los Angeles. Although she had a passion for acting, she was guided to the helping professions where she has been a psychospiritual family counselor for 35 years.

Linda’s work, along with reputable scientific studies, reveal how infant and child trauma has become society’s most dangerous weapon. Violence, mental illness and mass destruction all have their roots in early adverse experiences.

Along with family counseling, Linda created a modern day Peace Village, which historically was a sacred place Cherokee people went to heal spiritual maladies and develop greater peacemaking skills.

At the 4th World Summit of Nobel Peace Laureates in Rome, Italy, Linda was an Ambassador for the native youth organization, Call For Peace. There she spoke with the Dalai Lama about The Honor Project and its contribution to a more peaceful world. With childhood trauma being preventable, Linda offered her vision. If we want a world of Peace, we must first cultivate a language of Peace. The Honor Series of Edutainment supports children, families and communities to begin this conversation.

The Honor Series of Edutainment is a wide reaching multimedia collection of children’s educational entertainment. Each project is inspired by ecological values and life affirming principles, such as HONOR. To honor something is to recognize its’ value and significance. Honor changes the way one sees, thinks, feels, and relates in the world. Through the eyes of honor, the ordinary becomes extraordinary.

“Enisi” in Tsalagi (Cherokee) means Grandmother. Some of my grandchildren call me Enisi, some call me Gram or Gramma.  No matter how old they are – they will always be my beloved grandbabies.