The Truth is what YOU Believe

by Warren Brewin

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Language : English
Publication Date : 9/29/2018

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 6x9
Page Count : 254
ISBN : 9781504397537
Format : Hardcover
Dimensions : 6x9
Page Count : 254
ISBN : 9781504397551
Format : E-Book
Dimensions : N/A
Page Count : 254
ISBN : 9781504397544

About the Book

In 550 BC, or thereabouts, Buddha stated “I am the sum total of everything I thought”. This was divine wisdom that is inspiration for the book’s title; The Truth is what YOU Believe. Everything you think is based on a process of thought reaching a conclusion that becomes exactly what you are, as you traverse the complexities and opportunities of your life. The Truth of Religion reviews the position of the major Religions and influences they have in societies globally today, and how technological/social giants like Google, Facebook and YouTube threaten the loyalty to religion, and the values that came with those belief systems. The Truth of Sport examines whether money and greed have overtaken human integrity. Does the end justify the means today? The original endeavour of competitive sport started with the purest of ideologies in the Olympics rebirth in Greece in 1896 and is in stark contrast to the drug ridden corrupt fiasco that is prevalent in many professional sports today. Discover what makes top athletes really tick. If there are no rules there is no discernible truth. The section on the Truth of Business looks at how creating credibility in every moment of a company’s existence is the key ingredient to success and importantly how the leader and structure play a part. Commitment to strong ideals is paramount. Weak people tend to accept, and are happy to exist in a world of lies, as it is often easier and cheaper to delude yourself than confront reality head on. How people from all walks of life deal with the adversity of relationship failure and how absolutely critical the truth is, in all your relationships, is uncovered in its barest form in the Truth of Relationships. After the first betrayal, you have nothing. Living a true life means you will always have your integrity, a value beyond compare.

About the Author

Warren Brewin has lived in New Zealand most of his life and has travelled extensively with various business roles as CEO, MD or General Manager and also socially with friends and family. On his travels he has met many people from diverse religious beliefs, which along with his thirst knowledge, helped spawn his ideas on how today’s social media is impacting the virtues of ancient belief systems which are explored in the Truth of Religion section in this book. His considerable business experience in restructuring and turning around the fortunes of failing Companies into profitable efficient organisations has provided Warren with the knowledge to extol the Truth of Business in this book. An absolute commitment to integrity in business is the foundation stone of his enduring success. Warren was a competitive Badminton player having won Auckland titles and many Tennis club championships in his early life. Warren’s lifelong passion for sport is revealed through the deep insights in this book in the Truth of Sport. He still runs regularly and loves nothing more than a bush run, followed by a swim in the beach where he lives followed by a cold beer. Warren is the loving father of two wonderful teenage children, Jack and Renee, and has gone through the pain and difficulty of the breakup of a seventeen year old marriage. This experience lead Warren to explore the fundamental basis of different relationships and this provided inspiration for the section on the Truth of Relationships. His passion for Politics and Global Economics is revealed with clear views on Brexit and the rise of Nationalism. We live in a world full of greed, lies, war, corruption and deception but Warren believes the truth is the most important criteria that governs all life’s challenges and opportunities, and by embracing it fully, we can all exist harmoniously while striving for our individual freedoms. Warren enjoys his current CEO role and loves to spend time with his two awesome children and his amazing new partner Ronger. In his spare time he also enjoys developing and driving his BMW E30 turbo too fast, playing his guitars and the odd game of tennis.