Transformative Meditation

A Guide of Multidimensional Healing Journeys to Transform and Empower All Aspects of Your Life

by Glenda-Ray Riviere

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Language : English
Publication Date : 7/26/2018

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 6x9
Page Count : 108
ISBN : 9781982208738
Format : Hardcover
Dimensions : 6x9
Page Count : 108
ISBN : 9781982208752
Format : E-Book
Dimensions : N/A
Page Count : 108
ISBN : 9781982208745

About the Book

“Transformative Meditation” is a guide of multidimensional healing journeys to assist others in releasing what no longer serves them, empowering them with tools to create the life of their heart’s desire to embody more love, joy and peace through all aspects of their lives. Wisdom and experiences from Glenda’s transformational journey are also shared to assist others on their path of awakening, raise their level of consciousness, integrate body, mind and spirit and be more connected to the infinite present moment of now. In this book, you will be guided to: A) heal and empower your relationship to yourself and therefore All aspects of your life; B) receive empowering activations to assist you on your journey; C) live from your heart space and manifest your heart’s desire; D) experience more love, joy and peace through All aspects of your life; E) through your transformation, help your loved ones heal too; F) connect with your angels and guides and animals to receive messages; “Transformative Meditation” is a transformational guide to help a person find their inner truth, walk the path to their destination and to be inspired on their spiritual journey. Through Glenda’s experiences of life, she has shared her wisdom, knowledge and personal transformation to help guide others to action. Let your heart do your talking, let your soul do your walking. This action is the most important aspect of each of our journeys. Glenda has provided teachings, techniques and shared wisdom to provide a manual for human growth and connection. Glenda has many gifts to give and many years ahead to spread her limitless energy. —Sat Nam, Hari Nam Singh ji Khalsa Spiritual Teacher “Transformative Meditation” is an inspirational, insightful and practical must-read book for everyone who is on the path of being. Glenda’s creative and receptive nature, her ever-expanding consciousness, her love for everything that is, reveals the secret to inner peace and inner contentment. This secret is not concealed knowledge only revealed to those who achieve higher degrees of enlightenment, but the secret hidden in plain sight available to anyone who is willing to read the book “Transformative Meditation” and practice its meditation techniques. This book is a pure meditative diamond that can help people to integrate body, mind, and spirit, expand the consciousness and deepen the presence in this divine moment, right now and here.

About the Author

Bio: As an adult, Glenda felt that there must be more in this life than she was experiencing-the sacred wound, hiding behind the curtain, not speaking her truth-a child not seen and not heard reflected in all aspects of her perceived reality. To add salt to this wound, a near death experience, found Glenda asking the questions: “Who am I? Why am I here? Show me another way.” Through a spiritual journey that literally landed on her doorstep, Glenda began to notice beauty where she had not previously-in the simplicities of life-a bird eating a worm, a child laughing, the sun shining. Glenda found herself very curious about different energy healing modalities as an alternative way to healing. Glenda soon realized through various healing modalities that it was NOT the world that was challenging … rather a perception of reality mirrored by belief systems that she was not consciously aware of that she “had”, running like files on a computer, engrained in the subconscious from past experiences and emotions not expressed fully. By exploring various healing modalities, Glenda discovered that by shifting subconscious cellular belief systems held deep within the subconscious (engrained from ancestral patterns, in utero, being raised by parents, and exposure to overall environmental surroundings at a vulnerable time of early childhood), so that they are congruent with the conscious mind-what one desires to experience, one may potentially embrace all of their power to re-design their reality. We are master Creators of our reality. We can re-create it how we choose. With choosing a choice-less choice of the Soul’s yearning, becoming an energy healer, resonating with the power of various healing modalities to uncover the root of the perceived manifestation of either a physical symptom, mental or emotional experience, a healing journey found Glenda… taking her on an inward journey of transformation, integration, and self-remembrance revealing to Glenda that she was not her past, her perceived darkness nor who or what she thought she was… Many aspects of Glenda’s gifts became revealed to her through this inward healing journey of self-realization. Glenda remembered her powerful healing voice through speaking her truth. She discovered how her unique soul song accompanied with sacred sound, while feeling into an intent for the experience, was powerful healing for her and anyone else in the space. Glenda has also discovered the power of meditation through connecting with the sacred heart, high frequencies of the crystalline core energies of Mother Earth, the sun the stars and higher realms of existence to affect profound transformation, raise one’s vibration and manifest the heart’s desires faster from the heart space. As a teacher of Elementary school children for 29 years, a dance of allowing the authentic child to shine their gifts & talents in a safe manner which honours the differences in individual learning styles & personalities as well as the classroom community as a whole, learning from and with the children, Glenda brings compassion, heart presence, her authentic self, her authentic voice and a magical dance of honouring individual and group needs… together as One. Are you ready to shine your brilliance to the world and embody/experience more love, joy and peace through all of your relationships? Glenda is deeply grateful for this life and all the learning, integration, transformation, harmonization of her soul’s journey which has guided her to remember that she is the One that she has been seeking. By living and following one’s joy and passion guided by the heart and higher knowing, an inspired space is created for others to embody more joy, harmony, abundance, peace reflected in all aspects of their lives.