The Great Mother Speaks

by Linda Heller & Claudia Mardel

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Language : English
Publication Date : 6/28/2016

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 5x8
Page Count : 102
ISBN : 9781504358453
Format : E-Book
Dimensions : N/A
Page Count : 102
ISBN : 9781504358460

About the Book

“The Great Mother uses words to remind the seeker, the lovers, and all beings that we are capable beyond belief of living a life of greatness when we assume the responsibility of our choices” (Ivonne Delaflor Alexander, author, cofounder of Brilliant Futures Institute, creator of the Codes of AH, and creator of the Transcendental Rebirthing System). “The power of this gift for humanity, The Great Mother Speaks, resides in the combination of the spiritual messages from the higher intelligent realms and the suggested daily life guidelines to support earth and its inhabitants toward the miraculous changes we wish to live, enjoy, and leave as legacy in the world” (Sylvia Dokter, founder of Executive Awareness Productions, author and teacher). “The Great Mother Speaks reminds of who we really are and to what we owe our existence. It is also a powerful call to ‘step up and be a voice for change.’ It’s a call for us, as Gandhi said, to ‘be the change we want to see’” (Dan Brulé, world-renowned breath master and author of Breathe New Life into Your Business, Shut Up and Breathe). “The Great Mother Speaks is a clear reflection of that journey to authentic maturity and true stewardship, and all that it commands of us, and calls us to take the next step in our collective journey. And it doesn’t stop there. It also acts as an ‘operating manual’ for a more conscious life, and provides some solid and resourceful suggestions as to HOW we can affect change, literally in our own backyard, right now. Highly recommended!” (Tony Stromberg, world-renowned equine photographer, author of Spirit Horses, Forgotten Horse, and Horse Medicine).

About the Author

Linda Heller Twenty-nine years ago, on a vision quest in the coastal mountains of Santa Barbara County, Linda was shown her life purpose. Through the next twenty-nine years, no matter what her outward vocation or professional title—as a teacher, a life coach, a certified trainer of transcendental rebirthing, a credentialed teacher, a certified Jin Shin Jyutsu practitioner, and a certified breath worker (conscious connected breathing)—and despite earning a master’s degree in education, the mission kept unfolding and kept manifesting. Her life purpose, no matter the position or title, was one of service. During this journey, she explored the traditions of the Native Americans and participated in vision quests, healing circles, ceremonial sweats, and shamanic drumming circles. She met with the shamans / medicine men of the Hopis and the Chumash and supported their work and gatherings in her community. For many years, Linda has lived, flowing between these three worlds: the world of spirits, the world of energy, and work. Linda’s entire professional and personal life has been a quest to manifest that integration of spirit, energy, and service. In her own words, “Coauthoring the Great Mother Speaks was for me initially a way to share yet another part of myself: to integrate and share with others my commitment to the earth and to be a messenger of change and self-empowerment. In the process of coauthoring this book, I not only gave of myself, I received. I received a deepening awareness and realignment of my personal values and life choices.” Linda Heller Linda Heller on Facebook School for Sacred Ceremony on Facebook Claudia Mardel Claudia has always deeply loved nature and animals and the beauty that is reflected within each being. She has traveled and explored many cultures and religions and found herself drawn to the simplicity of life within the tribes of Africa, India, Tibet, and North America, finding much wisdom in the teachings these tribes preserve. She has studied many different religions and philosophies, finding that Mother Earth has the simplest teachings, which ask us for respect, humbleness, and gratitude and to see our life as a great blessing. She studied to be able to translate the space and the voices of animals and other life forms, the Ascended Masters, and those who have passed before us. Claudia is also teaching the art of communicating this way in her program Academy of the Radiant Soul, facilitating online and live programs at Radiant Soul Sanctuary. She is helping others through transitions of different types, one of them being the transition at the moment of death in the Roadmap Home. Claudia is also a published author. You may find online her autobiographical journey, Where the Desert Meets the Cedar. Claudia is also honoring Mother Earth through her art forms of pottery and photography. Each creation pays tribute to the sacredness of life itself. As Claudia “creates” her pottery, each creation is an “intentional creation” filled with prayers for the person using or connecting with the piece of clay. A passion for creation and celebration of connection fills all of Claudia’s professional and creative work. As a potter, a photographer, an author, and a life coach, Claudia imbues everything she does and is with a celebration for the sacredness of life.