The Magic of Dreams

Do You Believe?

by Rikki Loadsman

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Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 2/10/2017

About the Book

Escape into the imagination of a child’s mind. Take a journey and launch into a fantasy of magic, fairies, talking animals, a magical wishing tree, and the all-important ingredient—the power to believe! Do you believe in magic?

About the Author

Rikki Loadsman is a single mother of 2 beautiful girls living in Adelaide, South Australia. She has always been passionate about children having been an Aupair overseas in the USA and UK, as well as working in the field of childcare and as a school support officer with child with special needs she has always been inspired and passionate about children, their education and self esteem. She studied a post graduate in psychotherapy which led her to embark on over 10 years of personal development education. She is passionate about children reading and truly believes that literature can always open a readers eyes to something new and wonderful. In a day and age where depression in adults and children has become a norm she felt that this story was fun, and still had a important underlying lesson to be shared to both parent and child when engaging for bedtime reading. The inspiration that brought this story to life came when putting her daughter to sleep one night. Rikki was working full time and would feel exhausted at bedtime and sometimes didn’t want to read so she and her daughter decided to become the authors of their own stories. They would make up the stories as they went along. On this particular night her daughter Nyari turned to her and said “ mum that is a great story you should write that one down” she agreed.

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