The Time When Time No Longer Matters

by Claudia

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Language : English
Publication Date : 2/24/2016

Format : E-Book
Dimensions : N/A
Page Count : 186
ISBN : 9781504350525

About the Book

As five old friends and one young newcomer come together to share recent life experiences, an adventure into new realities unfolds. United by friendship, curiosity, and similar interests, the brave companions explore expansive possibilities not imagined before. Their journeys reveal evidence that much more exists than presently is visible to the human eye and demonstrate the comforting reality that we are all accompanied throughout our life experiences. Through an intriguing and believable tale, The Time When Time No Longer Matters announces the coming of a new way of being as it invites the reading audience to participate in the evolutionary process that awaits humankind.

About the Author

There is a reason that the “Presenter” of The Time When Time No Longer Matters is specifically identified as such. As you read this literary piece and other works presented by Claudia, the significance of her job title will become abundantly clear. Claudia’s personal life has been one of ordinary, if not mundane circumstances. She grew up in a small town, attended university where she attained two degrees, and then spent three decades working as a psychotherapist. So she was, as you might well imagine, initially taken aback when she began hearing the Voice of an unseen Presence. For her, the manner in which she receives these communiqués is as mysterious as the material itself; however, after many years of participating in this process, she now simply accepts these experiences as cherished opportunities for connection for which she is eternally grateful.

Her commitment to this collaborative process remains firm and she will continue sharing future communiqués as she is invited and guided.