Source's Challenge - Going Beyond Spirituality

Life is But a Reflection, of You

by Nickki Lee-Leong

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Language : English
Publication Date : 10/29/2015

Format : E-Book
Dimensions : 8.5x11
Page Count : 106
ISBN : 9781452531519

About the Book

Source's Challenge—Going Beyond Spirituality is not about the life I have had. My past is my past; it does not define who I am. Instead, my past defines the people who have been in my life and the influences they have had on me. There is nothing wrong with this. Actually, I thank them for being there for me. Who I am personality-wise is a consequence of my past—a 'conditioning', one might say.

As an individual, my challenge as an adult has been to un-condition myself—to find what I am made of, to be a consequence of myself, and to be at peace with this.

Yes, others have had worse lives than me, but are they (and if you have picked up this book, are you), willing to move past your past and be un-conditioned? To move past the pain and hurt, the agony of being eaten away by the emotions brought about by family and life history? To face the new challenge of finding the real self? To let go of who you think you are and to find who you truly are?

Source's Challenge—Going Beyond Spirituality is meant to be used as a guide to question what one thinks, how one acts, why something happened, when it will change, and where one is going. The first step is to realise that everyone may not see from the same perspective, but no one is not alone in endeavours of searching for the Truth. And that Truth is who you really are.

About the Author

Source's Challenge—Going Beyond Spirituality depicts the personal journey of Nickki Lee-Leong, which she hopes will inspire readers to delve into the depths of their own hearts to find what is true for each one of them.

Nickki’s journey began the moment s was conceived. This is her perspective and her perspective only. She cannot speak for anyone else, but writes based on just what she knows, sees and feels. It doesn't mean she or anyone else is 'wrong' or 'right'. It doesn't mean she agrees or condones what others do or say either. Nickki believes everyone is entitled to speak and do what they like, but the lesson to be learned is for those who receive it, and those who observe it being given to others—which covers just about everyone! Different situations, same bottom-line lesson.

So, here are the lessons Nickki would like to give with one big punch line toward the end!