Mobius Journey

Travels to Distant Futures

by George Ostfeld

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Language : English
Publication Date : 4/12/2016

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 6x9
Page Count : 354
ISBN : 9781504352406
Format : Hardcover
Dimensions : 6x9
Page Count : 354
ISBN : 9781504352420
Format : E-Book
Dimensions : N/A
Page Count : 354
ISBN : 9781504352413

About the Book

The President of the United States said “There has been secret meetings of the world’s leaders to discuss what can be done. All of them came to the same conclusion: That there has to be a most unusual and extreme action taken if man is to be saved for the continuation of the human race. “The reason you are here is to design a structure to be built in space to house an initial complement of 50,000 people with enough room for growth to contain 1 million. This structure is also to be maneuverable so as to travel interstellar distances for exploration in hopes of finding another suitable planet for man to live. This has an expected completion time within the 500 years predicted of the collapse of civilization. No other project in the history of this planet has been as important as this.” Mobius Journey, the most incredible undertaking of mankinds survival and greatest journey ever, over a period of 800,000 years begins from the start of the greatest ice age in the history of the planet tells the story of the hundred mile diameter spaceship CINTHEA of its journey to the edge of the Oort cloud. The 50,000 people on board grows to over a population of 700,000 that lives in relative peace and harmony. Approaching the Oort cloud a hard decision has to be made about their next action that could either transport them to their future home or destroy the ship and everybody on board.

About the Author

Born Oct 29, 1946 in Chicago, I was the youngest of three and the only boy to Norman and Lillian Ostfeld. We lived on the north side of the city in the neighborhood of the Chicago Cube where I became a die hard fan. Somewhere in elementary school I became interested in science. Not that I excelled in the subject, but it got my interest over other areas. In high school I played football and was the smallest member of the team. Of course having this stature I got roughed up more than anyone else. I was also the school’s chief mischief maker pretty much getting into all kinds of trouble and being known vary famously to the schools disciplinarian. But somehow I managed to graduate after which I entered the Air Force. Over the period of twenty one years I earned a degree in aeronautical engineering and went to Officers Training school. I became a navigator in the B-52 bomber in which three missions stand out. The first is where we flew off the west coast at low level in search of Soviet trawlers to photograph with our onboard camera. The second mission I flew as the lead bomber navigator of three B-52's orbiting a specific location over the north polar ice cap. And the third mission I flight tested the brand new Global Positioning System known at that time as Navstar for navigation and weapons delivery accuracy. After retiring from the Air Force I obtained a position as a reservist with the Federal Emergency Management Agency. When there was a declared disaster I was called out to work in the disaster field helping those that survived or were affected by the disaster to get assistance. I have seen much damage and helped hundreds in their quest to return to a normal life. In the late 1990's I moved from Chicago to Las Vegas to get away from the cold and state income tax. OK, I also wanted to play poker. After 19 years I call Las Vegas my home. I have won many local tournaments with the attitude of winning the big one at the World Series of Poker.