Rise and Fall of John Garang's Family

The darkest day of John Garang's war.

by Arou

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Language : English
Publication Date : 6/22/2015

Format : E-Book
Dimensions : 6x9
Page Count : 112
ISBN : 9781452528731

About the Book

The dreams has come in the final stage, when I was a little boy in the years of struggling many soldiers, many juniors, senior military offices and politicians approached me to write a book. I wonder why they approached me and there were many kids? The war will take long time, says officers, we would not be alive, and we are going to the war or frontline is a matter of death or life. When we gone, you will write a book, for cost of our lives, our memories and celebrations of lives because we have brought independence of south Sudan through our dear blood. They just told me, you are young boy; you have suffered with us as child soldier you will make it to a better school, you will become professional man and next leader in south Sudan. And many authors didn’t articulated how John Garang mistreated some clans, tribe in SPLA/SPLM than he gone far to retained some politicians for longer time and executed military officers. It was voluntary job, you can’t exploit soldiers that doing voluntary job, and it is unacceptable in modern era. The John Garang was not elected through democracy channel; he came through coup attempts and starting lock up his bosses. He John Garang appointed himself as chief prosecutor, he executed many army officers for many years. The 15/12 war in south Sudan last years, I just recalled what we discussed with elders than I have starting writing this book. However, John Garang, s wife she a masterminded of all human atrocities in both 1980s and 2013 of fuelling up the war that took lives of innocent civilians in south Sudan.

About the Author

I am a political analyst of South Sudan politics, the book will benefit the people of who don’t know the politics of south Sudan. It is touching point or big idea; the book will provide evidences of former rebels’ SPLA/SPLM and leadership internal conflict. Some other authors they just write to cover the darkest part of former leader John Garang. The book is inclusive to more detailed to feed the readers to know more about south Sudan last year war and beyond. The book will be nice for students who want to do the researched in the future. I am born south Sudanese, I came to Australia 10 years ago, I am a president of south Sudan suicide prevention in Australia and I am a president of south Sudan Democratic Party. I am also a member of Australia labor party.