When the Student is Ready…

Journeys of Self-Empowerment and Transformation

by Evania

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Language : English
Publication Date : 1/3/2014

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 6x9
Page Count : 206
ISBN : 9781452512259
Format : E-Book
Dimensions : N/A
Page Count : 206
ISBN : 9781452512242

About the Book

Three seemingly unconnected strangers are brought together when traumatic, transforming circumstances force them to look deeply at how their lives have been created. One is a victim of domestic violence, the second is a corporate high flier, and the third is a young woman experimenting with drugs and alcohol. In their individual quests to find answers and meaning for their challenges and lives, they find that they are connected strongly in ways that surprise and amaze them.

Through the help of an extraordinary woman and a group of people who have come through their own ordeals, they understand that they all share a journey and purpose that can be touched upon not only through dialogue with their inner selves, but also through communicating and emotionally bonding with those who have experienced or are experiencing similar events.

Through dropping their emotional and mental shields, they are brought to a deeper understanding about compassion and love. And they find that as they change, so too does the world around them. They see how powerful their creative powers can be and how their actions, words, thoughts, and being can impact on everyone around them as they awaken, step by step, to their own potential and potent conscious expression.

About the Author

When a personal challenge brought Evania to her knees in the 1990s, a life changing spiritual experience transformed her view of herself, her purpose, and her world. A former police officer, Olympic shooting finalist, and journalist, her "seeing the Light" experience thrust her into the consciousness movement where she found challenges and tools to help her more deeply understand the condition of human being and her life purpose. Moving closer to more personal "service" work as a Funeral Director, counsellor for homeless and abused teenagers, and other career directions as she became more in touch with her own "injured" self and began a deeply healing period of time through meditation practices and other natural healing modalities, Evania now lives in Maryborough, Queensland, Australia where she undertakes volunteer work in Nursing Homes, is a massage therapist and natural healer, teaches meditation and is a Jin Kei Do Reiki Master. She is enjoying a more spiritually-aligned life where she pursues a simple and honest life, and as best she can she walks her talk with serious and fun-loving intent to create a better world through example, compassion and kindness.