Manifest Sacred Birth

Intuitive Birthing Techniques

by Ishtara Blue

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Language : English
Publication Date : 11/26/2013

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 8.25x11
Page Count : 252
ISBN : 9781452581248
Format : E-Book
Dimensions : N/A
Page Count : 252
ISBN : 9781452581255

About the Book

Intuitive Birthing, a term coined by Ishtara, is not about right and wrong ways of birthing, but to help you access your intuition easily in order to birth how it is right for you to birth. 

By following the Manifest Sacred Birth Programme you can birth connected and tuned in to follow your unique body signals and intuition, so that your birth can be blissful and pain free.

If you are in a “sacred” place, you hear your intuition easily so you can open your light womb up wide. When you cannot hear the inner voice, you act from a place of fear, you are “scared”. It is this fear which blocks the birth hormones from being released and prevents you from opening up your womb easily and without pain. 

The key intuitive birthing techniques which are an integral part of the 40-day programme include visualisation, mantra, meditation, ceremony and more, and are designed for regular practise from around week twenty of the pregnancy, but to familiarise yourself with from before that time, then to use during the actual birth itself.

You can use the Intuitive Birthing techniques contained within this programme for many other birthing and pregnancy issues - resolve conception difficulties; release, heal and forgive past birth trauma; or use them to connect to your intuition as a parent.

"Packed full of birthing visualisations, this is the ultimate book in Spiritual Birth.  I followed the programme in 2011 and used it to deal with issues that arose during my meditations, and unexpectedly healed old wounds, as well as my relationship, then went onto have an even more beautiful and wonderful birth than the one I imagined and asked for!  Thank you Ishtara for these tools to joyfully birth our beautiful baby girl!"  Christa Rose, therapist

"This is a beautiful and intuitive book exploring the spiritual approach to birth preparation. Connection with your baby is the primary focus of this gentle programme by Ishtara Blue, encouraging each mother to envision and create her ideal birth using visualisation and empowerment techniques, drawing wisdom from a variety of traditional and New Age sources."  Claire Arnold, doula



About the Author

In 2007, after twelve years of working in the arts, Ishtara conceived and went on a mission to prepare for a natural birth using meditation and holistic methods that she had always felt passionate about. When she became pregnant again in 2008, she was able to delve deeper and birthed a new self, becoming a light channel for birthing messages that came through in meditation. Ishtara feels inspired to share these meditations and techniques to empower other women to embrace their divine femininity whilst birthing with the ease and pleasure that is the natural way for mothers who dwell in blissful meditational states. She has a BA Hons in philosophy and literature, is a Reiki and Kundalini yoga practitioner, and lives by thel river in Devon with Matthew, an artist, and their two children.