On being human and finding where you want to be

by Lynn Margaret Hamilton

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Language : English
Publication Date : 5/31/2013

Format : E-Book
Dimensions : 6x9
Page Count : 494
ISBN : 9781452509938

About the Book

The Purrfect Trilogy was written for the millions of ordinary, everyday people who will move our civilization into a new era and feel overwhelmed by this task. These books are written to the science of vibration. Different levels of understanding are woven through the text, so one will be right for you. Each time you read them, your comprehension changes, as you can see more than you could before. As your comprehension changes, so your vibration changes, and manifests according to your new tone. As we understand within ourselves, so we manifest without—to explore our level of understanding, individually and collectively.

Through this journey of the rational mind and the emotional heart, you’ll explore different levels of understanding, eventually coming to see a bigger picture of yourself as you understand more about the human condition and our interconnectedness.

Micro to macro. The only way to greater understanding of humanity and how we create is through greater understanding of self—and the magic within oneself. The magic we use every day, but often misuse, when we don’t realize we’re energy beings who use our mind to do magic—every day!

The Three-Step Lesson of This Trilogy:
Book 1: See with two eyes
Book 2: Open your heart to others and your experiences
Book 3: Live in your brother-/sisterhood—your wholeness

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