The 8 Stages of a Meltdown

Insights into Life on the Autism Spectrum

by Adrienne J Furness

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Language : English
Publication Date : 8/14/2013

Format : E-Book
Dimensions : N/A
Page Count : 44
ISBN : 9781452569741

About the Book

From someone who has suffered Meltdowns and learned to manage and control them, The 8 Stages of a Meltdown: Insights into Life on the Autism Spectrum (eBook) is a warm and insightful book about how Meltdowns happen, what they feel like and how to limit their impact on you or your child’s life.

Author Adrienne Furness offers tools, techniques, practical strategies and a common sense approach to dealing with the intangible and unseen in the field of mental health and disabilities.

This wonderful book comes from years of attempting to understand what goes on in mind, body and spirit for those on the autism spectrum. By using different tools and techniques, meltdowns can become both less frequent and more manageable. Awareness and recognising “the energies” which are likely to topple you are a large part of the mitigation strategies because it is a lot easier to manage before the energies peak and trigger.

The 8 Stages of a Meltdown contains helpful information and advice, including:

The Blob – what makes a Blob?

The 8 Stages of a Meltdown

Mitigating Meltdowns

Learning to protect yourself

Diversions, distractions and substitutions

Changing the thought patterns

Changing the visuals

May this book shed Love and Light for you...

About the Author

Author, Adrienne Furness is a mother, teacher, businesswoman, software designer, instructional designer, adventurer and novice horse rider. She takes complex information and makes it simple for others to understand. Her expertise spans business, finance, software applications, philosophy, metaphysics, spirituality and theosophy.

Adrienne says, “The 8 Stages of a Meltdown” has been written to help people mitigate and gain mastery over Meltdowns, with tools and techniques she uses herself after years of studying energy and vibration. The interest in the Autism Spectrum came from years of attempting to understand what goes on for her in mind, body and spirit. As a child of the 50’s she was considered a “sensitive child”, “a dreamer”, “easily distracted” and “the fire engine” of the family because the early meltdowns or overwhelms expressed as tears.

“I’m not suggesting a cure for Meltdowns, it is more about learning enough about energy to mitigate and self-manage them more effectively.”

Adrienne’s books and CDs are priced for those who need them most. They are the accumulation of tools and techniques gathered over years of dealing with life, self-analysis, observation, questioning and research.