by Dil Transcend

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Language : English
Publication Date : 6/26/2013

Format : E-Book
Dimensions : N/A
Page Count : 33
ISBN : 9781452510453

About the Book

This is an easy-to-read manual for the seven basic Chakras. It describes the Chakras, their locations, and their functions. It tells you about how you would get affected if they were unbalanced and the different ways you can bring them back to balance, by using colours, mudhras, crystals, chanting, and yoga postures, relating to each Chakra. It is all very simply explained and documented. This book is perfect for beginners and also for those who wish to understand the Chakras better and work through their energy centres. It also provides simple meditative techniques to keep the Chakras balanced and for clearing the energy channel of any blockages that build up over time with the different experiences we get exposed to. This book is short and precise and the perfect reference point for Chakras.

About the Author

Dil Transcend is a holistic life coach from India. She does a lot of energy work, and Chakra therapy is one of the modalities she uses. Dil has been studying and researching Chakras for over fifteen years. Her experience with her clients has taught her what really works and what doesn't.