Manifest ANYTHING You Want in 30 Days

by Vickie Emanuele

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Language : English
Publication Date : 11/27/2012

Format : E-Book
Dimensions : N/A
Page Count : 106
ISBN : 9781452556284

About the Book

This book will help you manifest anything you want in your life. Vickie Emanuele is a queen of manifestation, and happiness is the choice she chooses to experience every day. She provides a 30-day repeatable process so you, too, can bring joy and prosperity into every aspect of your life.

Relationships, careers, finances, love, weight loss, and anything else that you believe can be improved upon can be helped by utilizing this incredibly uplifting and positive process. If you’re tired of living the same life day after day and are ready to make positive changes, then get started on this magical 30-day journey today. You will feel better both physically and emotionally, and you’ll understand how your thoughts and words truly affect the life you’re living. Change those thoughts and words and feel how those negatives turn into positives. Repeat the process so you can become the person you always wanted to be, and more. Learn to transform your dreams into reality, and heal on all levels simultaneously. Get going and have fun!

About the Author

Vickie Emanuele is an internationally recognized energy reader and healer of people and pets. Vickie is an energy expert. She reads into the energy of past, present and future to help in all areas of life. Vickie also has the gift to communicate to loved ones in heaven, angels and spirit guides. Vickie's energy healings on people and pets can be performed in person or remotely by tapping into their energy field. Energy healings help with health, illness, disease, stress, removal of energy blocks, past lives, negative energy cords, weight, hormone balance, balance issues and overall body, mind and soul wellness. Vickie's animal readings help with health, behavior, allergies and overall wellness. Pets benefit from energy healings as well as their owners. Vickie holds Energy workshops, webinars, medium galleries and is available for private readings and energetic energy healings. Her passion is to educate people to playfully tap into their intuition to improve their energy to live a joyful, healthy, abundant life. She believes everyone deserves abundance in all areas of life! Vickie lives in California enjoying her 5 children and being outside in nature. She loves hiking, water sports, gardening, animals and all the beauty earth has to offer. Playing in the magic of energy is a passion she enjoys every day. Contact Vickie through her website at or by email Become a Facebook Fan at for manifestation and energy tips.