The Twelve Divine Aspects of Your Human Self

by Alicia Power

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Language : English
Publication Date : 7/14/2012

Format : E-Book
Dimensions : N/A
Page Count : 48
ISBN : 9781452505855

About the Book

“Multi-layered”, “Magnificent!”

“SELF – The Twelve Divine Aspects Of Your Human Self” 

By Soul Mentor Alicia Power.

This book gives you a MAP of your SELF EVOLUTION. Each word in this book has been delivered directly from the worlds of spirit. Exquisite colour fractal images reflect each divine ‘Self’.

“In this book the spirit world reveals that each stage of learning is mentored by a hidden ‘Self’, a part of us that is more evolved, higher and more light-filled that our every-day conscious Self.

These ‘higher’ Selves oversee our life journey, providing support, commitment and guidance to our learning. Within this book lies your opportunity to meet each of these extraordinary ‘Higher Selves’” – Alicia Power

About the Author

After 34 years of mentoring individuals in spiritual development, Alicia Power is a successful international Soul Coach with 45,000+ Twitter followers and 700 subscribers on YouTube.

She is founder of  and

Her spiritual coaching seminars, books and videos are sought after for their simple perspective on love, god - and the spirit world.

Alicia brings a unique quality to her training: understanding through direct experience.

Her courses include "Soul Workout", a free 6 month video training; "Seven Week Guide To Your Soul" - available soon on the popular e-publisher ; "Life Keys", a 6 month training in States of Consciousness; "Ultimate Empowerment", an advanced audio course; "Secrets Of Each Soul's Eternal Journey", a 1 hour lecture revealing many unknown truths about the human soul and other informative audios and online products. Plus many published articles for blogs (including and lifestyle magazines.

Alicia is passionate about teaching women to trust their intuition and to use it more deliberately using mental imaging techniques to dive below logic to a fast stream of instant knowing.

Alicia is considered a leader in her field of Spirit Communication, Soul Coaching and Soul Evolution.