I Am Seda. I Am the Dance!

by Seda Star

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Language : English
Publication Date : 7/8/2013

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 6x9
Page Count : 200
ISBN : 9781452510033
Format : E-Book
Dimensions : N/A
Page Count : 200
ISBN : 9781452510057

About the Book

“Through this book of Seda Star you can now be inspired, feel lighter and simply dance through life.”

—Dr John Demartini -Author of Inspired Destiny

Move the Mind Move the Body - Trapped by the mundane, and overwhelmed by negative family experiences, at the end of each day Seda waited to be alone with her music and dance. Facing her loneliness Seda created Seda Dance, a freeform style of dance movement received from her highest self. Seda only became aware of the depths of her innate dancing gifts, when she won first place in a dance contest at the local children’s disco. On that day began, not just a successful dancing career in Turkey and Australia, but a path to spiritual freedom, self-discovery and joy. I am Seda, I am the Dance is a self-help book about tapping into this innate mind, body, spirit dance connection — Dance Prayer. Taking you through her life story, Seda will share the wisdom she received with you. By creating movement in her mind, Seda was able to release stuck patterns of negative thought, to dance through her pain, through her challenges, and through her life. Seda’s easy to follow step-by-step tools of dance motivation, inspiration and empowerment, will connect to your deeper self, heal your mind and heal your body — and find inner joy. I am Seda, I am the Dance will move your mind, move your body, to make fundamental changes to your life — and the world.

About the Author

Seda Star the celebritiy dancer from the national tv channel 10 in Australia Seda has been dancing since childhood. Her love of dance and fitness led to the development of a international televised program called SEDADANCE BellyRobics with Aerobics Ozstlye team. She has also created two DVDs, Belly Dancing for Baby and Aerobics Oz Style Belly Dance Fitness, to share fun and energizing ways to achieve good health through dance. She currently lives in Australia and travel around the world for teaching and dance to make people happy and help people to heal through the dance.