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Developing a social media network is critical to establishing an ongoing communication channel with your audience. But when it comes to social media marketing, you might be asking, ‘Where do I start?’ With a Social Media Coach by your side, you’ll learn the answer to that question and so much more.

The Social Media Coach service is a six-week campaign that pairs you with a dedicated publicist who will devote their time to helping you learn, understand, plan for and launch your own social media efforts on up to three of your preferred social media platforms of the below selection. With guided weekly training sessions and a Social Media Plan in place, you’ll be able to establish and grow your social media presence. 

Here’s a breakdown of what the Social Media Coach Campaign has to offer:

  • Social Media Publicist: You will be assigned a social media publicist who will work with you throughout the six-week campaign. Your social media publicist will work with you to make sure you can continue seeing results for months or years to come.
  • Training Sessions: Each week, your publicist will provide a guided training session designed to help you grow more comfortable and familiar with various social media platforms, allowing you to build the skill set you need to succeed in the social media space.
  • Strategy Plan: Your publicist will also work with you to develop a comprehensive content strategy plan for your social media channels. That way you’ll get a feel for what kinds of posts and content to utilise in your social media efforts and start off with your efforts laid out.
  • Editorial Calendar: Your publicist will develop an editorial calendar outlining the direction of your campaign. In addition to general outreach, goals will include: leveraging engagement, followers, and relevant discussions; sharing your expertise; and earning review requests from reputable bloggers.
  • Content Assistance: Once your plan of action is established, your publicist will assist you with writing, editing, and proofing your posts during your campaign.
  • Reporting: Each week, you will receive reports that measure your social media presence. Your publicist will use the information to determine the effectiveness of your campaign and adjust where necessary. After your campaign ends, you will receive a final report outlining the social media activity for the entire campaign.

Choose up to three social media networks your publicist will educate you on: 

  • Tiktok – #BookTok has created a huge boost for the publishing industry with books going viral and trending on the social app
  • Instagram –  a popular photo and video sharing social app
  • Facebook: Facebook is the world’s largest social media network with 2 billion monthly users—more than a quarter of the world’s population. Approximately 75% of Facebook users log in to the site daily. Due to its structure, Facebook is one of the best social media platforms for engaging with others in meaningful ways.*
  • Twitter: Twitter boasts over 315 million active users. 71% of those users say they use the Twitter app multiple times a day. The Twitter audience tends to be split evenly between male and female users, tends to have college degrees, and tends to have above-average incomes.**
  • LinkedIn – great for books that are business focused or pertain to professional expertise
  • WordPress: WordPress is the most popular content management system in the world—it powers almost 27% of the internet! WordPress blogs receive over 46 million comments a month and there are over 2 million blog posts a day.***

Being a part of the social media community is about communication, engagement, value, and trust. Now is your chance to work with a publicist and find your niche among millions of active users.

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