Science Poetry for Dummies

by Aritra Jana

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Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 12/23/2021

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 8.25x11
Page Count : 202
ISBN : 9781982278144

About the Book

I had the good fortune of reading many poems, especially physics part of this book. The poems are well-written where the author expresses many complex physical phenomena in a simple way through his poems. I am amazed to see that a thirteen-year boy is expressing a wide variety of topics of the life and the world through his poems. -Dr. Kartik Ghosh Distinguished Professor, Physics and Materials Science Missouri State University A young prodigy who for the first time brings science and poetry under one roof which seems to us to be perpetually at odds - Prof. Debasish Roy, Hostos College of The City University of New York This book consists of 186 poems that cover the most in-depth topics of science; they are connected to each other for they are on their same endeavor of simplifying concepts so that common people can comprehend while retaining the sophisticated roots of the concepts. They consist of new and old discoveries that still remain relevant today yet are not touched upon. Through the connections of the numerous topics, they create a bigger picture. As the bigger picture is created, they finish the organization wherein no lines are blurred. As the lines are erased, science ends up transforming into a vast ocean which cannot be vanquished. The book will bolster the curiosity of many as it places importance on concepts that unite the field of science. Through this, all of the concepts flawlessly transition from one to another.

About the Author

Aritra Jana is the author of “Science Poetry for Dummies” and “Emerging Genius”. Aritra Jana started writing poems from an extremely young age. He started doing wonders as well. Aritra was born in 2007 to academic parents; they are working for breakthroughs in science at Rush and UIC, respectively. While understanding the in-depth and complicated matters of physics, chemistry and biology seems even hard for undergraduate and graduate students, Aritra expressed these topics in poems. Besides this, Aritra has already written 1600 poems on history, philosophy, economics and others as well as two philosophy books and one novel all at the age of 14.