Four Common Self-Publishing Roadblocks and How to Overcome Them

Self-publishing a book can be a daunting task. Just the process of writing a book is a massive undertaking. It’s not hard to see why some people hesitate to commit so much time to the process with so many uncertainties.

Complicating things further is that much of the work lies not the actual writing process, but in ancillary activities like editing, typesetting, cover design, and marketing. For many writers, these activities are annoyances that spark frustrations and squash their aspirations.

But self-publishing doesn’t have to be a cumbersome, confusing process. It’s important to know that publishing your book takes more than a little time and the ability to Google ‘How do I self-publish a book?’ It takes specific skills, and the completion of certain activities. If you don’t know what those activities are or how to complete them, you can run into issues.

Which roadblock describes you?

My Manuscript Is Written. What Do I Do Now?

I Just Can’t Do It

Self-Publishing Costs More Than I Can Afford to Pay

I’m Just Too Busy

It’s not impossible. If the metaphorical journey of 1,000 miles starts with a single step, the self-publishing journey is itself a series of small steps that add up to the experience of a lifetime.

Here are four typical roadblocks people encounter that often stall a book project. As you forge ahead on your self-publishing journey and make your dreams of publishing a book your reality, consider how and when these roadblocks will affect you and how to overcome them.

Roadblock 1: My Manuscript Is Written.
What Do I Do Now?

For many of us, writing our manuscript is the easy part. Once it's done, there are any number of additional tasks to perform that contribute to creating the book: designing the cover, deciding what, if any, art you're going to include, typesetting, size, whether you're going to have e-books or audiobooks made, getting it printed, and, oh yeah, how you're going to market the thing. There are any number of things left to do outside of simply writing your book. What happens then?

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Overcome it: Most of us aren't seasoned pros at book production, but you have resources. Balboa Press’ reliable, professional publishing team will help guide you through the process step by step. That means you can rest assured you're not skipping any important steps as you go along, and our professional guidance ensures you do it correctly and gives you the opportunity to know your book will turn out just the way you want it.

Call your publishing consultant on 1800 050 315 to answer all your questions, including these:

How much input will I have on my book's cover design?

Can I choose whether it's available in e-book or not?

How will Balboa Press help me market my book?

Roadblock 2: I Just Can’t Do It

Self-doubt is the writer’s biggest enemy. Many a writer—nearly all of them, I’d wager—have fallen victim to creeping self-doubt at one point or another. No matter where you are in the process of creating your book, self-doubt can squash your momentum, convincing you that you just aren’t good enough and you should just quit now before you embarrass yourself.

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Overcome it: There is no magic talisman that will keep you from falling into this trap from time to time, but keeping a positive attitude and a strong support system can help lead you through it. Keep moving through the doldrums, and understand that even if things aren’t going like you want them to, you’re still doing it. Stay patient when you’re waiting, be bold and aggressive when you need to be, and take the lead in driving your project through to completion.

Call your publishing consultant on 1800 050 315 to get help with your doubts. In fact, ask them:

How many writers do you talk to who never publish their book?

Is there any kind of editorial review I can purchase to help me get an honest appraisal of my book?

Can you tell me about someone else who felt like this and struggled through it?

Roadblock 3: Self-Publishing Costs More
Than I Can Afford to Pay

Self-publishing isn’t free, and sticker shock can certainly set in. And finances can be an issue for some people. Self-publishing puts you in charge of your own destiny much more than traditional publishing methods, but that also means putting more of yourself into it, including cash.

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Overcome it: With different services at different price points, Balboa Press offers a variety of packages that best fit your budget and needs. Better still, by offering payment plans that allow you to pay in instalments, you can take your time in planning out your book’s release.

Don't let imaginary sticker shock stop you. Call your publishing consultant on 1800 050 315, and ask:

How much does a publishing package cost?

Are there additional costs later?

How can I save on some of these costs?

Roadblock 4: I'm Just Too Busy

Your life is a busy place. Between family and work commitments and the day-to-day busywork that can keep you from getting your book published, it is easy to let the idea of a long-term project get to you. And certainly the easy way out is just giving up.

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Overcome it: The old expression says 'if it’s important, you’ll make the time.' Schedule time throughout the week to focus on your book, and whether you spend one hour or three, make sure you’re making some sort of progress every time. Additionally, Balboa Press has a team of knowledgeable, responsive, efficient consultants to keep you on course, advising you which tasks need to be completed, and help you find the time you need to put into moving your book from idea to a reality. You’re putting in the time, but we can help you move through each step in the process one at a time.

The first step is easy. Call your publishing consultant on 1800 050 315 and ask:

How much will I be involved in the publishing process with Balboa Press?

Will there be someone to help me when I have questions?

How long will it take to get my book published?