A Goddess has returned

by Marcus McNally

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Language : English
Publication Date : 5/3/2022

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 5.5x8.5
Page Count : 184
ISBN : 9798765227770
Format : E-Book
Dimensions : N/A
Page Count : 184
ISBN : 9798765227787

About the Book

Eve In the beginning in the garden of Eden, there were two trees, the tree of knowledge and the tree of life, the lord god, said don’t eat from the tree of knowledge. One simple act of innocent disobedience for lifetimes of suffering and then death, both physical and spiritual. The lower being deceived the higher being, the woman. The woman is the well spring of life, the womb. If the woman is not superior, then why the oppression? Eve was the darling child of Eden, a grand creation adored and loved by the gods, so much was the creation loved that jealousy among the gods ensued, the desire for possession of creation. The jealousy created comparison, between nature and man, separation followed. The Epic poems are not quarrels between men, but quarrels between gods, the fight to take back the grand creation, the darling child of the garden of Eden, Eve. Self-worth is everything

About the Author

I have not tasted success; my life is but a failure if it was not for the gods. When I cry out the gods respond, how come no one cries out, so the gods can hear your cry. At this time in my life, my life is in complete control of the gods. I quit my job at the new year, I have no income, I am living off credit cards and some silver I had stashed away. My car payment was past due, it would not let me sleep, I refused to pay rent, because they wanted me to sign away my soul. I wait for the eviction to come; my argument is just. My chest is tight, and it is hard to get up, I meditate 2 hours a day, drink wine, smoke pot, and do a lot of yoga. I email those I think have influence trying to get my point across, fanatically, why tweet just email your take. Life is dreadful at times a pain in the body, waiting for doom to come, but doom is not in the head, just a pain in the body. Then life is filled with joy letting you know you are not alone. Let me teach you how to cook. Try this yoga. Meditate. Sit outside prayer hands at forehead and the acknowledge the sun a greater being than you, the moon, the earth. Go camping, go camping again. Write your book. Write our book. The heart screams out let me be closer to this being,