by Vronika Jones

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Language : English
Publication Date : 15/10/2020

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 5x8
Page Count : 120
ISBN : 9781982255367

About the Book

The love God wants to show you he will when you learn to trust in him. Things will be so much greater than what you see for yourself now. God will show up at a moment in your life when you didn’t even see it possible. Movement is the thing God wants to see in your life, you need to understand the power, and meaning God gives to all his children that draws them close to him. There is no way to understand anything without God, there is no way to know how to detect the mind of a manipulative man without God. God shows you your purposes in life and he is the only person who can show you these things. In this book, I speak to women all across the world, women who are hurting, some women who just need to hear God’s calling over their life. Some of you women may just need healing with this book. You may just need understanding from God in this book, and this is the one to dive into when you need to release the things God wants you to release before he can bless you with what he really wants for you in life. It’s not about people, it’s about God and yourself at this moment and time and in the future it’s not about other people’s opinion of you but what God has assigned you to do. God just wants to see you focus on him and your goals, and this book will help you do all of that alone by you pushing yourself to do the things that are important to God. Nothing else matters to God but you rising above all things that were here to break you and hinder you. When I Vronika Jones AKA Majesty started to write this book I never knew it would bring out so much pain in me, I never knew writing would be my gateway to healing trauma and old wounds. I started to release a rape that took place by my ex-husband towards me when we were together, and as I got older I started going through break downs and everything that happen to me by him at that very moment started playing over in my head. Not only was it rape, but he tore a pair of my panties completely off my body. I found out his mother married a rapist, he raped me and my mother was also raped. Generational curses are real, I lived with this for many years and even reported this to authorities. This book helped me to get rid of all the pain he has done and my mother has done hoping to help another one speak her truth when she gets raped instead of holding something so damaging to her soul like I did. I hope this book will help you like it did for me when I was writing it. Something to keep in mind; don’t have children unless you are completely healed, you don’t want to have your children going through what you should have healed from before having them. Blessings to you all, keep God at the corner of your life, and always remember no matter what a person does to you in life; God will always bring them to their knees right in front of you, so forgive them and move on, one day you will be given the stool to watch them crumble, blessings.

About the Author

My name is Vronika Jones I am a mother, a grandmother, a coach, a mentor, a woman of God, my mission is to write books until I am too old to continue to write, talking to the world about the love of Jesus Christ, and the will the lord is given each person as they live on earth, my mission is to travel the world speaking to others who are hurting, at the start of this book, I was currently enrolled as an evangelism student learning the fundamental of life, and the calling God has assigned me to do, I am a diverse type of woman who mingle with different cultures very well, a woman who believes in helping those who are less fortunate than me, a woman whose soul has been guided towards humanity and the right foods to eat I have become a great herbalist over the years through writing and connecting to God. GOD IS in control of your life, you are protected, and you are in your safety zone now. May God bless you now, and in the future, the beginning of change is here for you. Your life is about to change the way God wants it to change, process this change with grace. Blessings from me to you, beautiful souls are what you are. God has you.