Music Theatre Works for Children


by Geoffrey D'Ombrain

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Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 9/9/2021

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 8.25x11
Page Count : 330
ISBN : 9781504323079

About the Book

The book consists of three parts. The first is the background story providing a detailed context surrounding the writing of the works. It also gives details of methodology and the origins of each work. The second part of the book is made up of the scripts for each of the works and the third section is the scores for all the original music. Education through artistic endeavour is very strong including entertaining shows featuring the circus, pirates and the celebration of Christmas. Treatment of topics is highly imaginative, especially the use of science fiction in, “The Rockers, the Poppers and Me”

About the Author

Geoffrey D’Ombrain, having gained the reputation as a leading music educator became Music Method Lecturer, Melbourne University (1965). During these years Cassells published his very famous, “Music Now”, a creative music course for secondary schools. Then, as head of the Music Department, Melbourne State College (1974-1982), he was able to develop a course with the focus on music as a creative medium. His progressive ideas in music education were reflected in the details of the course which attracted students of high calibre. The course was so popular with students that now, thirty years later, they still hold enthusiastic reunions. In 1983 Geoffrey moved to the Geelong region where he co-directed an arts centre at the historic homestead, Pirra. Here he established the Rustic Space Theatre and engaged in an innovative program of community arts. A major product of this program was the composition of operettas or music theatre works for children. In this endeavour he worked with his partner, and dancer, the late Jenny Abella. Geoffrey was once again able to apply his creative mind, his artistic, writing, directing and composition skills to the exciting task of meeting the demands of schools for shows relevant to the great variety of topics for study.