by D. O. GRANT

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Language : English
Publication Date : 26/06/2020

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 6x9
Page Count : 738
ISBN : 9781982249946
Format : Hardcover
Dimensions : 6x9
Page Count : 738
ISBN : 9781982249960
Format : E-Book
Dimensions : N/A
Page Count : 738
ISBN : 9781982249953

About the Book

LILY-BUTTERFLY – And The Path Of Life’s Experiences – The story began on the island of Kawomaya, in a remote valley village named Yaj. In part one of the story Lily-Butterfly was created from a onetime sexual encounter between her birth mother Gina and her step-father Ivan. Gina denied the pregnancy from beginning to the birth of Lily-Butterfly and beyond. At birth Gina gave Lily-Butterfly to her mother Leila, who was Ivan’s wife. Six years later Gina returned to demand that Lily-Butterfly come to live with her for her own secret and unresolved negative intentions. Lily-Butterfly’s birth mother Gina saw her as her secret shame and tried to demolish her spirit, soul, mind, body, and life. Throughout Gina numerous attempts Lily-Butterfly refuse to be destroyed. Lily-Butterfly survived regardless of the negative things her birth mother Gina did to her. Lily-Butterfly was successful in overcoming abuse, her passion for learning, and in all areas of her life. Part two of this story continues on with Lily-Butterfly moving from the island of Kawomaya to Somerville, Massachusetts in the United States of America to first live with her grandmother and mother; whom she decided to call Manana Leila. The journey continues with Lily-Butterfly improving her life, education, and professional career. Parenting her two daughters, and discovering her chosen destiny and life’s purpose career. To this day Lily-Butterfly uses her talents to serve as tools to assist mother and father-nature and humanity. Read LILY-BUTTERFLY – AND THE PATH OF LIFE’S EXPERIENCES – PART ONE AND TWO. They are like an entertaining movie series, and ancient visual oral tradition storytelling. These books can inspire, motivate, improve awareness on unconditional love and compassion, assist with positive transformation, transcending suffering, and teach patience. LILY-BUTTERFLY JOURNAL – PERSONAL LIFE STORY REVIEW is another book in the Lily-Butterfly series. This book can assist with your personal life story review. Enjoy.

About the Author

D. O. Grant is the author and creator of six books and two CDs. D. O. Grant started to write stories at nine years old as a treatment, to process thoughts, feelings, and emotions. The alphabet and the written English language were discovered by D. O. Grant between four and five years old in an environment where the language spoken was learned through oral tradition. D. O. Grant continued from nine years old to write and read with passion, and maybe out of habit. Along with the passion of being a traditional storyteller and author, D. O. Grant life’s purpose career is practicing as a Grand Master Teacher and Practitioner of the positive Universal Life Force Energy Healing Arts, a Metaphysician, Shaman, Healer, a Positive Energy Environment Feng Shui Consultant, an Holistic Life Coach Consultant, a Birth Doula, and nondenominational Ordained Minister of the Divine Creator’s Ministry. She currently lives on one of the Hawaiian Islands.