Ramblings by the Common Man

by Sargent Shooter

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Language : English
Publication Date : 6/24/2020

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 6x9
Page Count : 570
ISBN : 9781982249649
Format : E-Book
Dimensions : N/A
Page Count : 570
ISBN : 9781982249656

About the Book

This book is about criticism. It is a road of many interesting events, happenings, circumstances, and occurrences. We can see ourselves as we observe the contents of this writing. This book identifies many types of criticism. Perhaps some you have never considered. Take a look at this fat-bellied word. It is simple writing. It is not intended to be professional with every dot and comma placed at exact locations. It is rather a series of briefs randomly placed on paper just for the fun of it. I am positive we have all stood on both the good and bad sides of this word. Sometimes we are the inflictor. In other instances we are the receiver. Often it is delivered in private. Now and then it is issued by several people at the same time. This word is a part of every living person. Criticism occurs more often than we realize. It is often desired, rejected, considered, or stored for future use. It is a powerful word that can be deceptive. It can lead us into temptation or draw us out of harm's way. It can lay dormant for years or rapidly fly off a tongue. Criticism is always present. It never takes a break. It may withdraw for a period of time but it is just gathering more information to be utilized at the right time. This book looks in most of the nooks and crannies to uncover criticism in an enjoyable fashion. Criticism can be so deceptive that it is difficult to see what is really taking place at any given time. This book cannot wait for you to get into the contents it shares. It will make you giggle, laugh, sigh, and perhaps moan. This writing will grab your attention as you invest a little time taking a look at criticism. This book will relate to the reader in a way that is personal and at times intense.

About the Author

Sargent Shooter lives in Indiana. He is married and has one daughter. He graduated from Brazil High School in 1968. He is a graduate of Indiana State University: 1975 Other graduations that are note-worthy: Armed Forces Combat School, Maverick Missile School, and Small Arms School. He has served in the military on Active and in Guard positions: 1969-1995. He served on the Church of God local council: 1980-2003. Layman of the Year in Indiana: 1996 Inducted into the Hall of Christian Excellence: Texas 1998 Received the Poland Heart of Gold Award: 2010 He served as State Coordinator for the Men and Women of Action: 2001-2017 He was an Outstanding Young Man in America: 1982 He received the United States Air Force Air University Diploma: 1979 Some of the awards achieved include: Air Force Excellence in Competition Badge: Badge Number #CR-160-1983 Army Excellence in Competition Badge: 1985 Holder of a United States of America Patent: 2020 Governor's Twenty Award: Individual Winner 1985 4th & 5th Army National Guard Individual Winner: Championships 1985