Escaping Snakes

Brenda Louise

by B L Wilson

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Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 15/09/2020

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 5.5x8.5
Page Count : 256
ISBN : 9781504321280

About the Book

Brenda was a lonely child, resented by her sister and a disapointment to her Dad, she made her own fun losing hersellf in a dream world Introdued to a form of sex at a young age she became an observer of the way animals coupled together. Her sister was not kind to her. They moved to a new place where she had some contact with a lass from Dubbo. Her first real pet taken by a snake in front of her and snakes were instrumental of leading to the loss of her next love, her dog D2. In her early teens her sister died in mysterious curcumstancies, She died of snake bite, causing her Mum to have a mental break-down and her Dad tp turn to alcohol. She ran away not caring where she was going. Here she got lucky as the truck she hitched a ride with turned out to be a decent bloke. He led her to a idelic life on a farm, he gave her a dog. A snake reared their ugly head again. Here a nasty man raped her. She went back to her Mum and became a nurse.. Finding out she was pregnant she again ran away to the ciity. A group of prostutes took her in where she lived while waiting for her babies. The bloke that had raped her saw her there and took tales of her working in a brothle home to the farm. The truck driver hit him and killed him. He did go to jail and saw some terrible events. A disgraced doctor saw her through her pregnancy, finding couples to adobt her babies. While getting over a tramatic birth of her babies she met with her friend from her previous home, and left to go to Dubbo with them. She met a nurse friend who told her that her Mum and Dad were now working on the farm and about the truck driver being in jail. She went to see her grand parents at the same time as the truckie did when they both still had feelings and a quick marriage was arranged before they headed back to the farm and her parents.

About the Author

Barbara has always been a dreamer so after some moderate success with 'Blood on the Bull Bar' set out on another literacy journey. Barbara grew up on cattle station and became an amazing horse woman, commencing her horse training at 12 years old. She progressed form handling ponies to training their own country race horses, winning a trophy for the most successful trainer. She rode in one of the first Lady jockey races. After moving to Atherton FNQ she continued to ride track work along with coaching junior soccer teams Barbara and her Mother joint owner a souvenir shop as well as Barbara bought into a late night pizza shop. This shut down when the late night hotels were forced to close due to general vandalism in the streets. Barbara took a deep breath and as she child had finished school she headed back bush working as stock man and cook in western Qld and NT before ending up in Orange NSW where she worked in a factory building refrigerators while running a mowing business and putting out junk mail on the week-ends. While at the factory she assisted in compiling a manual for the track she worked on. She returned to school studying first computing and then hospitality. After a year in Cairns she went to work at a mine, progressing to Bar manager and running the house-keeping. From there she went into Pest control, retiring in 2012 Barbara has two sons and four grand children. She now resides in Townsville.