It Happened on Mount Everest

I discovered my higher self, I found love, I found spirituality, and I began to discover my destiny

by J. Randy Hall

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Language : English
Publication Date : 27/04/2021

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 6x9
Page Count : 342
ISBN : 9781982263881
Format : E-Book
Dimensions : N/A
Page Count : 342
ISBN : 9781982263898

About the Book

Zach, an expert climber from Utah, and Jenn, a famous world-class climber from Colorado, set out to fulfill their separate dreams of climbing the highest mountain in the world. They went with different climbing groups for their attempt on Mount Everest. Their groups begin their ascent about a month apart. A tragedy occurs on the mountain, the fate of which will bring these two together is a most unexpected manner. It “Happened on Mount Everest” takes the reader on a breathtaking adventure into the farthest reaches of the planet in Tibet. The reader will accompany the two protagonists on one of the most difficult climbs in the world, and also learn of other climbs throughout the world that prepared them for this dangerous adventure. The possibility of death is ever present, as many previous climbers have died on Mount Everest. By the time the first 600 people had climbed Mount Everest, 150 people had died attempting to summit. But these climbers will express the thrill of adventure, and the discovery of the beauty and magnificence of life, when one takes that life to the very edge. It also takes the reader on an adventure into the deepest reaches of the human soul—who we really are—human potentiality—and love. This book was inspired by true life events, but is a work of fiction. An unintended romance develops under extremely difficult circumstances, at a difficult time, and in a strange environment. Will this new relationship survive adversity? Will the spiritual lessons learned in a monastery help the fragile relationship of this couple cope with their different family backgrounds and their diverse life styles when they return to the states from Tibet?

About the Author

That smile is born of Randy engaging in one of his favorite activities. In the old days they would hold a gelande contest (jumping) for the ski racers after the races were completed. In this photo he is jumping in one of these contests on the old Nordic Ski Jump at Sundance Ski Resort, Utah. This is Randy’s third book. His first book is “Divine Intervention” written with his wife Helen. This book is a true story about an airplane crash that Randy, Helen and two of their children were involved in along with their friends, the Wagstaffs. It is a rather hair-raising account of their plane icing up at night and crashing in the mountains in Arizona on their way to Mexico. It involves unusual miracles and of course Divine Intervention, without which Randy would not be writing his sequel to this book. The book he is currently writing is about Zach and Jenn raising a family in the mountains in Utah. Zach decides to divert from his teaching career and start a cookie manufacturing business near their home. Disaster strikes and he and Jenn must find answers to their dilemma. This is essentially a book on entrepreneurship. Randy is married to Helen Hall, and they are the parents of six children and eight grandchildren. They are currently living in Utah. The author would love to hear your comments. You can email him at: