Healing Journeys

My Path to Freedom

by Mary Abdool-Warner

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Language : English
Publication Date : 11/07/2019

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 6x9
Page Count : 62
ISBN : 9781982230937

About the Book

How much did I know about my body? Nothing, except for keeping it clean. Who is responsible for keeping my body healthy? I am. So you, too, are responsible for keeping your body healthy and free from sickness and diseases. This book is intended to be a guide for anyone who is experiencing any form of malady in his or her body. It is a light that shines on the lies we have been told concerning our illnesses and on the hidden truths we’ve heard and experienced firsthand. If you will look closely, you will find the help you need to make wise decisions and choices in helping you remain healthy in all the days of your life.

About the Author

Mary was born in a little village called Micoud, one of the villages that make up the island of Saint Lucia. It reminds her of the little village of Nazareth from the bible, where a disciple, before he became a disciple of Jesus Christ said, “Can anything good come from Nazareth?” (John 1:46) Well, because of the size, some may be asking the same question about Micoud. Yes, something good came out of Micoud. Mary visited Israel in February 2012, and found it to be hilly, mountainous and lush with palm trees just the way it is described in the bible. For as long as Mary can remember, she’d always wanted to be a teacher. Yes, remember what your child says from a young age what he or she wants to be. Our job as parents is to gently guide them in that direction. It may well be that that is their gift or calling in life. At a very young age, Mary wanted to be a teacher. She modelled her teachers and played school, pretending to teach a class of children. They did not have paper and pen to write with in those days. They had what was called a slate to write on and chalk to write with. It did its job then. She ended up teaching right after finishing high school for real, not pretend. She left that teaching position to migrate to Canada, where she met and married her children’s father. They have two daughters, seven grandchildren and three great-grandchildren.