Self-Mastery/True Self-Empowerment

A 30-Aspect Guidance Booklet for Self-Awareness, Affirmation, and Soul Self-Empowerment

by Joycelyn Marshall

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Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 27/02/2019

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 4x5.5
Page Count : 92
ISBN : 9781982222260
Format : E-Book
Dimensions : N/A
Page Count : 92
ISBN : 9781982222277

About the Book

When we work on developing our human personalities to match the essence of our spiritual (soul) self, we open up ourselves to experience a higher human life, including fully opening up to our spiritual gifts. The work is about the process to getting there. This guidance booklet by Joycelyn Marshall will point you in the direction to getting to that state of being. Each aspect of guidance is accompanied by a colored photo that was captured in nature that supports the inspired wisdom.

About the Author

Hi, I am Joycelyn Marshall, a Motivational Coach on my Life Purpose Path. I am at the stage of my life where I have mastered myself and am in control of my total fulfillment. I am now living as my true empowered self and all that is naturally and joyfully "me". I always look for the lessons in any situation regardless of whether it may seem to be a "bad" situation and I always look at situations or outcomes from the highest perspective i.e. that which can enable me to grow or to move on in love so that I can release any negative energy and keep my vibrations and thoughts on the highest grounds. I always try to bring myself to a state of love and gratitude as I am my most powerful in this state.

I created a blog to share my insights and wisdom that successfully helped me along my journey to becoming my true empowered self. This booklet is a hard copy of my blog of inspired wisdom with healing photos added to each blog. The photos were all captured by me while in Nature. Each photo captured a divine message to match the wisdom that was already in my blog. I was intuitively guided to go to certain places. Whilst there, these birds would suddenly appear and I would immediately snap a picture. When I zoomed in on the pictures, I recognized the matching wisdom in my blog. The same applies for the other nature pictures without birds. Read each aspect of guidance regularly to help you successfully navigate your multidimensional life.