So You Love an . . . Alcoholic?

Lessons for a Codependent

by Grace W. Wroldson

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Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 30/05/2018

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 5.5x8.5
Page Count : 212
ISBN : 9781982205010

About the Book

When Grace Wroldson first discovered that she was in love with an alcoholic, she sought treatment and help for him. As the years passed and the alcoholic continued to choose alcohol over her, she instead sought treatment for herself to overcome her own battles of love addiction and codependency. When her child was born, she was inspired to completely break free from the disease of alcoholism. She shifted her focus away from the alcoholic and found a path of recovery for herself.

Now, Grace shares a firsthand account of her journey to living a healthier life full of self-love, acceptance, and truth. So You Love an . . . Alcoholic? compiles the hard-learned lessons and realizations she faced during recovery. From lessons on boundaries, forgiveness, and self-love comes a triumphant tale of a woman who learned. Grace brings the message of hope for women in a similar situation by sharing her secret lessons. This is one woman’s recovery story of loving and leaving an alcoholic man successfully.

The lessons found in So You Love an . . . Alcoholic? inspire women to take action and seek help for themselves—not just their alcoholics. These lessons tell a story of bravery, dedication, hard work, and love that validate those who find themselves in a similar situation. Grace’s lessons serve as a reminder to all of us that you can’t take care of anyone else until you’ve taken care of yourself. This book will bring healing, affirmation, relief, and wisdom to women who love an alcoholic. By sharing her true story, she strives to reach out to women who are surviving this predicament so that they can free themselves from the disease and extend that freedom to their children.

About the Author

Grace W. Wroldson spent fifteen years of her precious life loving an alcoholic. She finally shares her story of how she broke free. Almost marrying him, she was in and out of the relationship, struggling to escape her active alcoholic while battling her codependency issues. 
For years, she attempted to save him and save the relationship by studying the disease of alcoholism and learning from the Twelve-Step Recovery programs of AA, ACOA, and AL-ANON. When the alcoholic did not choose sobriety or recovery in AA, Grace empowered herself to leave the long-term, unhealthy, toxic relationship. She joined AL-ANON in search of a way to help herself. She equipped herself with recovery tools, learned her lessons, and labeled them. With her focus on herself, she was able to break her codependency and strengthen her self-esteem, which grew into a better life – a life with self-love, acceptance, and honesty. 

To everyone’s surprise, three months after the final break-up with the alcoholic, Grace discovered that she was blessed with an unexpected parting gift – a child. Still having to traverse the effects of alcoholism while raising a child safely, with the disease close at her heels, she chose to change herself and work her recovery program even harder in order to save two lives, hers and her child’s. 

Now, with 20 years of recovery knowledge and wisdom, she shares her story of triumph. She is committed to empowering other women to courageously place themselves in the center of their own lives, as she learned to do. By placing bold boundaries and opting-out of painful situations, she sought a healthier relationship with herself and found her Higher Power. She changed what would have been a dark destiny into a faith-filled future. Her story serves as a lighthouse to guide women to safe shores so that they may perform the same act of saving grace.