Cosmic Ascension Pathways

Inner Guidance for Cosmic Ascension

by Amerissis Kumara

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Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 29/03/2018

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 6x9
Page Count : 246
ISBN : 9781504312752

About the Book

The purpose of this book is to inform and assist you on your pathway to healing and ascension. Through the frequencies and vibrations of the prayers, meditations, and healing processes, your energy levels shift; and you are able to connect with the truth of who you are and what your purpose is for this lifetime. The prayers and meditations are keys, and they are designed to access your inner belief systems and bring to your conscious awareness—from your cellular memory and unconscious mind—the negative mental and emotional patterns and programs that are detrimental to your life. From this, you will gain insights into what beliefs, patterns, and programs you have running from your unconscious mind. There are affirmations for the prayers that are also keys, which will bring forth beliefs that show the reverse of the affirmation. The sacred flames and rays have attributes that they enhance and amplify on certain days of the week. Also, if you have an issue or problem with a particular flame or ray attribute, the energy and vibration of the sacred flames of that ray will help you heal the issue or problem and reframe to a positive outcome by your having received its wisdom and understanding.

About the Author

Amerissis Kumara facilitates Spiritual Retreats in Australia and the United States of America; she is a Spiritual Healer, Teacher and Channel for the Elohim Council of Elders and the Ascended Masters. Amerissis has a B.Msc; she is a Reiki Master Teacher Trainer, NLP Master Practitioner, Associate Accredited Certified Meta-Coach, Breathwork Practitioner and Transpersonal Counsellor, specializing in Spiritual Healing of Humanity and Planet Earth through the Sacred Flames and Rays of God Consciousness. She has helped many people to elevate their consciousness and therefore achieve their Cosmic Ascension to the 5th Dimension and beyond in this lifetime.