Lori Ryder and the City of Crystals

by Carmen Romero

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Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 29/03/2018

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 6x9
Page Count : 176
ISBN : 9781504399869

About the Book

Lori Ryder is a girl living in London with her mother, her father, and their family dog. Her best friend, Amanda, comes over to stay for the weekend. She is carrying a surprise in her travel bag: a crystal sphere. A wise old man in a small tribe in the middle of the Amazon rainforest gave it to her. This is no ordinary crystal sphere. Whoever holds it can set an intention. If that intention is noble enough, the item allows the holder to travel through a tunnel of rainbow water. This tunnel is millions of years old. It connects all dimensions and all civilisations past and present. It leads to one central place: the City of Crystals. The City of Crystals holds many treasures. This city is a secret city. It is the oldest city in the world. It has been kept under the guardianship of wise old tribes hidden deep in nature. The City of Crystals is a place of high power where tribes from various worlds and dimensions—all civilizations and all realms meet up to make decisions for the greater good. It is a city where one retreats, goes to learn something new, and most importantly, where one heals. Lori and Amanda will discover this magical city and its people. They will meet civilisations and organic technologies they had never imagined. They will come across Bird People, “Singers,” a magic waterfall, and chatting trees and cheeky stones. Time will stop during their visit. They will return home, and it will be as if they had never left. But this special and unique artifact also interests someone else. He wants it for very different reasons. The chase will go from Venice, via London, and all the way to Peru, Brazil, and the rainforest. Will the girls be able to keep the crystal sphere safe?

About the Author

Carmen's life journey has taken her to many places. She worked in contrasting environments such as high finance, private equity, social enterprise in emerging countries. She used her creativity to create enterprises in challenging countries and environments, impacting positively communities and the environment. She always had a dream of writing to inspire others based on her own journey and soul-searching a-ha moments. She wanted to convey her learnings and reflections in a fun manner. This book was born out of that idea. Carmen lives in Switzerland with her family and her pet, Lily.