Health Provider Sues Client. What to Do?

Dental Malpractice.

by Dolores Sefirot

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Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 24/01/2018

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 5x8
Page Count : 90
ISBN : 9781504395724

About the Book

This book was actually started when I kept journals needed to keep track of events. I was in so much pain and distress that I was unable to remember events, dates, or what was said. For instance, the journal I kept concerning my attorney’s actions or lack of actions would seem incredible. By keeping a journal, handwritten, I would later enter it on a computer because the handwriting was not very clear. After the problem was over, I just wanted to go on with my life. It seems, however, that the community saw me as a problem to be avoided. I was not accepted in the community as a teacher, and they made efforts to prevent me from employment in the system. Eventually, I left and moved on. I believe that people going through serious life difficulties would benefit from some of the actions possible to help overcome the difficulties that life drops on us. Or are we the cause?

About the Author

Readers would benefit from some of the steps taken by author; Dolores Sefirot. Due to health problems caused by poor dental work, she researched for ways to recover. All kinds of pain treatment were useless. She suffered a breakdown that led to psychiatric care; learning how to overcome pain, stress, loss of normal speech. Eventually she decided that pulling the teeth that held the bridge, would help. It did help. Legal services failed too. This led to legal research. She represented herself answering to the Dentist who sued her for fees she refused to pay. At 50 years-old she went to study again; Masters in Education with Emphasis in Psychology and worked as a Licensed Professional Counselor. She retired at 72 years-old. Dolores wants readers to see how a problem that seemed impossible to resolve was overcome with the help of all the Dentists, Psychiatrist, Writers, Court that provided their skills to overcome similar situations.