The Narrow Path to Enlightenment

The Jesus Perspective

by Rev. Anna Grace

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Language : English
Publication Date : 10/04/2018

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 5.5x8.5
Page Count : 110
ISBN : 9781982201883

About the Book

Throughout the ages, the hidden wisdom of Jesus has been whispered about in secret circles and societies. Though many believe they have discovered the truth of the mysterious teachings of Christ, this is simply not true. Jesus himself declared that few would be able to find the path that he was paving. These novel and yet undisclosed ideas will help mankind to transition far beyond the realm of religion and into the new paradigm of enlightenment. Be prepared to be astounded and transformed by the veiled and esoteric knowledge of Jesus as it comes to light through the chapters of this book. Things are simply not as we have been taught in religion! Become one of the few to decode the parables and deepest philosophies of Jesus. Jesus’s unique and widely unknown ideas on truth and spirituality can help us uncover the meaning of life and answer the most profound questions of existence. The truth will also aid one in discovering an unwavering hope and peace.

About the Author

Anna is a wife and mother of two. She is an Ordained Minister and has earned her Masters in Metaphysics. She has been on a tremendous spiritual journey over the past several years of her life and has devoted herself to meditation, study, investigation, and research into that which we call God. Her philosophical perspectives are as novel as they are profound. Anna has been able to decode many spiritual mysteries that have moved her understanding far beyond the realm of religion and into the new paradigm of Enlightenment. Now she writes to help others understand life from a new perspective. Life is so much more glorious than what it appears to be in our reality. As an author, Anna writes about the untold mysteries of the Bible, not only as a religious text, but also as an ethical, legal, and philosophical document. Though rarely explored, the Bible has profound theories on the nature of humanity, the course and role of legislation in civilization, and the problem of religion, which are deeply concealed within parable. Her goal is to bring these obscure truths to light in order that individuals can contemplate and meditate on these cutting edge concepts which are not normally taught in religious environments.