Mindful Red Flags as You Walk Your Spiritual Journey

How to Recognize Them and Move Forward with Grace

by Don Donini & With John Shea

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Language : English
Publication Date : 22/02/2018

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 8.5x8.5
Page Count : 84
ISBN : 9781504396929

About the Book

“I feel so alone.” “Am I where I’m supposed to be on my spiritual journey?” “Why am I so misunderstood?” “Am I doing this right?” Guided on his own spiritual path by the wisdom of teachers Louise Hay, Melody Beattie, Fr. Richard Rohr, Dr. Wayne Dwyer, and others, Don Donini seeks to make it easier for spiritual travelers to answer questions like these. Mindful Red Flags as You Walk Your Spiritual Journey is a guide to moving forward with grace past the “red flag” obstacles to continued spiritual growth. By sharing his own personal journey and lessons learned, Don shows the way to attaining more clarity, bliss, freedom, and joy even amid life’s challenges, struggles, and dark times. He speaks to readers from his heart with compassion, conviction, and touches of humor as both a wise teacher and kindred spirit every step of the way in the journey to finding one’s true self in the unconditional love of a personal God. “Don Donini offers wisdom to help a person live fully and fully live. Affirming, practical and positive, his spiritual guides are relevant for the young and old alike. At the conclusion of each chapter, there are affirmations that are easily integrated into your life and an opportunity to add to the conversation by giving feedback. Laced with humor, Don shares from deep personal depth and always with a heart of joy.” Marci Madary, D.Min. “Walking a spiritual path is not a straight line. There are curves along the way which Don calls red flags. They are not only warnings, but also invitations to deepen our spiritual resolve. Inspired by his own personal spiritual journey, Don shows you how to make wise choices along the way and live your truth.” Dr. James Zullo, Ph.D. “Don is as authentic as they come! He shares the richness of his spiritual journey in a way that is so accessible to all, including people from many different religions. Don encourages us to courageously choose the “red pill” of the reality of our humanity and unitive consciousness, and in doing so his book will help many to navigate the “Red Flags” of their spiritual journey.” Rev. Ed Kosak, Unity Church of Charleston, SC

About the Author

A seasoned teacher and spiritual counselor, Don Donini is a Licensed Unity Teacher (LT) from Unity School of Christianity. He is also a minister in The United Christian Fellowship, having been ordained by Rev. Richard Billings, Minister Emeritus, Unity of Oak Park, Oak Park, IL. Considered a highly creative “Renaissance Man” who has walked his spiritual journey in many experiences and professional realms, Don also holds a Master of Science degree from the University of Illinois, Champaign-Urbana, IL.