If Trees Could Sing

by Lissa Elissabeth DeFreitas

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Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 7/02/2018

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 8.5x8.5
Page Count : 64
ISBN : 9781504396158

About the Book

If Trees Could Sing is a whimsical tale about a young girl journeying through the depth and wonder of an unexpected rite of passage and the light-filled movement of healing and discovery. As ten year old, Christina joins with her family for the first time in the annual apple harvest; she encounters a mystical friendship that changes her life forever. This light and allegorical story depicts the preciousness of All life; as well, reveals the healing power that comes from listening within to the voice of our Inner True Self. While traversing the ridges of loss and separation, a transformational journey invites remembrance of the wisdom and knowing that awaits the discovery of the Pearl of Light within. Unique to “If Trees Could Sing”, is the development of a nine-movement soundtrack to partner with this story. The playful and deepening sounds of Celtic harp, Native American flute and keyboard offer an experience guided to activate imagination and imagery. The most powerful inspiration for me in bringing forth this story is in planting seeds of remembrance for children, as to the honoring of all of Life. With great hope, I invite the seeker to tap into the mysteries that await discovery when we use our heart to listen and nurture our innate imagination.

About the Author

Lissa Elissabeth DeFreitas is an inspired author, composer, intuitive music practitioner, and companioning presence in the social work field for over thirty years. A miraculous healing from a chronic, life-threatening illness re-inspired Elissabeth to fulfill her life purpose through her writing, music, and work to gently awaken all to the remembrance of who we really are, why we are here and what is beyond this lifetime.