The Game You Came to Play

by Laura Moreau

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Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 12/03/2018

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 5x8
Page Count : 308
ISBN : 9781504399470

About the Book

So what is this game you came to play? It is more than you think and much more amazing than you might realize or ever begin to imagine. Your specific role in this game also has great value as well as a whimsical aspect to be explored. It comes with a great many challenges but also lots of wonderful opportunities, and it requires immense finesse, fortitude, and skill. Like a good book, this game offers overlapping plots, ongoing twists and turns, unexpected story shifts, great character development, thrilling perspectives, and a surprise ending. So what is this game? It is the life you have come to live. But it is not what you may believe, and things are not what they seem! There are important questions worth asking, pondering, and coming to understand in order for you to play with greater expertise and grace, such as: 1. Who are you? 2. What choices are you making? 3. Why? You are invited to come along for an awesome roller-coaster ride of ideas, concepts, and likely new information. You might even find the answers you are looking for to those three questions, so buckle up, take a deep breath (and exhale), steady yourself, and read on!

About the Author

Laura Moreau has been listening to and interacting with Divine Spirit all of her life, though she never received any formal training in this process. It was, is and has always been an integral part of her life experience and something that has always occurred naturally to her; even when she tried to avoid it! Throughout her 20 year career as a social worker and mental health therapist, working with a variety of populations, she always called upon this awareness and utilized this gift in service to her clients. She understood though that many might be confused, feel threatened or deny the information she offered if they knew the “origins” of her support and input. So she remained silent regarding this ability; not only within the professional realm, but also with most friends, family and acquaintances for many years. Having a “secret” that may be perceived by many as strange, foolish and even crazy can be a burden; it was to her. However, Laura believes that the gifts of Spirit are many, available to all and should be embraced with joy rather than fear. She also understands that the time comes when each one of us is called upon to come forth, no longer hide the truth of who we really are and stand strong in the truth we know. For Laura, that time is now.