The Journey of a Shaman

by Michael Yaxk'in

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Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 30/11/2017

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 5x8
Page Count : 482
ISBN : 9781504389266

About the Book

This book is born out of the idea that we are all essentially one with a prime source of energy. We are all on a journey of the soul, searching and seeking out our true nature. It has been carefully created to reflect that we are more than we have been taught in our schools and society. We have been placed into a dream, which is an illusionary one but one which our spiritual essence seeks to be awakened from. It has been written to inspire and excite others to follow the path of the heart, the one heart, and realize their full potential of unlimited possibilities that exists when you allow the higher realms to guide one’s journey. This book charts the challenges and magical experiences that Michael has uncovered on his path of remembrance. The reader is reminded that the journey is the contract between souls and the heavenly realms, which reveals the truth of their being. The story takes on a personal adventure of ancient discoveries of past lives intermingled with present life clues into Michael’s true essence as a spiritual warrior of light. It aims to show the reader that even those people who have assumed that their life has no meaning and who may not have achieved an academic standing still can achieve accolades beyond their wildest imagination just by working for the heavenly realms. The book attempts to nudge the reader to further explore the soul and the many adventures that await those who choose to follow the path back to the light. Michael wishes to pass on the wisdom he has acquired for the benefit of helping other light beings evolve and return the surface of Mother Earth back to the light. By believing in one’s self, the reader can be elevated in a direction that, out of faith and the power of love, comes only magical good in one’s life. Believing is seeing, not the other way round, as we have been taught. Following this parameter, the initiated and dedicated student of light begins to believe in himself and to find the clues, answers, which open doors for them. Belief is part of your consciousness; your soul already knows whom one is. Now is the time of your remembering!

About the Author

Michael Yaxk'in is a Mayan Yuum Balum, Jaguar Priest, a Reiki and Seichem shamanic healer and teacher of ancient cosmic knowledge. Michael at age seven came into the human body, a term called a Walk-in or Blue star. His Divine essence is from the Sirius Star system known as Akonowai. This is home of the Great Blue Lodge who work closely to the Spiritual Hierarchy of Heavenly realms. Michael is a channel for the higher realms and currently resides in the United Kingdom. Michael, like many thousands of walk-ins come into the physical 3D realm with much of their spiritual gifts and abilities intact. Michael remained in the illusionary 3D experience until the Divine moment when his moment of awakening and remembering was triggered by a visitation of the Beloved Mother Mary which has catapulted his journey of become his true self. After a series of past life experiences became known to him in this life he went through a training stage of levels of Reiki and Seichem into mastership. With guidance from higher realms Michael has embarked on many adventures over many years along his path deep within the Mayan world, uncovering his ancestral past. Beloved Blessings, gratitude, love and light to the Angelic realm, Ancestors, Ascended Masters, Prime Creator, the Spiritual Hierarchy and Galactic Federation of Light, whom without their beautiful guidance and assistance this book would not be possible.