Words from a Happy Place

by Jen Yue

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Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 6/11/2017

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 6x9
Page Count : 118
ISBN : 9781504310642

About the Book

This collective works of Jen Yue showcases her as a new age storyteller who uses her words to intrigue and present her passionate pursuits for all things beautiful, decidedly enamored with just living in the moment. Reading her words will reflect back into your own life, because her stories is about everyday people and how she uses her words to celebrate what life presents. She also paints ups and downs, with lyrical color, filled with detailed accounts and preferred metaphors. It is applied from moment to moment, shelving out trust. The hurt and her appreciation is credited from a great source of hope. So feel her moments in this collection of hidden gems.

About the Author

The writer began by penning down random thoughts and telling stories and writing poems in greeting cards to loved ones. Jen Yue started to bring her stories and poems together into a black journal gifted to her by a friend, who thought it would help Jen after the passing of her father 15 years’ ago. Jen was raised by Malaysian-Chinese parents, who brought their colonial convent school English home and made this family of 4, an English speaking family from the very start. But Jen got her love for words from in the womb of her English teacher mum, Rosalind, who is a voracious reader. Her accountant and lawyer father, Sau Him, gave her the drive to live her dreams. Aptly her own style of story telling, Jen has not had any formal lessons in writing her poems. But mum Rosalind introduced the love for the written word to Jen through the classics and the likes of Shakespeare, Hemingway, Lord Byron to the Nancy Drew series. Jen often day dreamed with Shakespeare’s silky language and wondered about her Mr. Darcy. Finally finding her voice, Jen has shared her style with loved ones and inspired with her eternal moments of observation and feelings, all poured into this book of her collective poems. You will find greatly contrasting works yet very detailed account of what tugs at her heartstrings. It is a poetic journal of a self-professed late bloomer, with the trappings of an eager dreamer, who is making her dreams come true.