Worthy Woman

I Am Worthy of All Things

by Joshua Phillips & Editor Samantha Graham

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Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 24/05/2017

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 5x8
Page Count : 76
ISBN : 9781504381314

About the Book

My intention for this book is to heal the heart, mind, and soul; to inspire you to live your life freely and abundantly; to help you trust yourself and allow the universe to give you all that you desire; to help you live your purpose and allow love to be abundant in all areas of your life; to help you allow yourself a new starting point that will allow you to redesign, build, and mold the life you have always dreamed of; to give you unconditional love and a supporting tool in life. My purpose and passion is to allow yourself to see that you can have it all. You are a worthy goddess, and you, your dreams, and your purpose matter. You can have it all when you allow yourself to have it all! My intention is for you to recognize fear and live your life anyway, to not allow fear to stop you, and to do anything and everything you always have or will want to do. Your purpose is a gift to the universe, and someone is waiting for you to step up and show out! You get to break free from your ego and comfort zone and allow yourself to create. Create magic, create greatness, create success, and love unconditionally! My purpose is to build a community for women to be a part of, so we can heal the world with love and we all can create our dreams and success. My purpose is to extend the #MovementOfLove to you and your family!

About the Author

Joshua Phillips was born and raised in Houston, Texas. This empowered warrior and wholeness guide has sought to impact and guide individuals towards personal breakthroughs that wake them to become self-aware. After a short career in customer service, modeling, aviation, military, and politics, Joshua has proven his knowledge and his natural instinct of understanding how to develop, train, and motivate individuals. Being raised by a single mother and later his grandmother, his extraordinary past has helped him understand and create positive content in support of women and youth; he sincerely and wholeheartedly believes his work will inspire a massive shift of transforming individuals towards self-empowerment and love. His passion for opening individual’s hearts, minds, and spreading positive energy has paved the way for him to enter the realm of coaching, especially for women and youth. He has coached clients on business development, relationships, and self-improvement and goes the extra mile to ensure his client’s dreams and aspirations become a reality. He is on a mission to change the globe and instill love! He calls it a #MovementOFLove! His passion is to leave any individual filled with amazing tools so they can take on life as leaders, action-doers, and achievers. When you are true to yourself, to your purpose and passion, and true to commitment, he believes we all can change the universe. Follow your heart while working with him and practice his principals, anything is always possible! SO NOW WHAT? Let’s run into battle and kick life’s ass together! Contact me at iiamjoshuaphillips@gmail.com.