The Weigh of Life

A Guide to a Universal Understanding for a Time Where It Will Be Crucial

by Grizz Wagner

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Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 4/7/2017

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 5x8
Page Count : 88
ISBN : 9781504371759

About the Book

One day an epiphany was found. Like it was sitting on the table the whole time. It seemed far too simple to be true. But this epiphany grew as it started to explain other things around it. One after another, unsolved mysteries seemed to file in line and join the solution. It quickly grew to a theory that started to bridge gaps and cross boundaries. It illuminated the heavens, our microscopic universe, and even gave scientific explanation of our souls! As it became polished it became a different facet of the gem we see the world through, which gave new light and dimension to all things. It became necessary to draft a conglomeration of these many new insights to reality. However, it took a great deal of categorizing and finding the simplest phrasing to refine such a vast series of subjects. The result is a simple and streamline explanation of all things great and small. Designed to be applicable to anyone young or old, educated or not, religious or not. This is the intellectual common ground that our civilization needs in order to advance into the next era of science and spirituality. It is the intent of the author to bring all walks of life together. To empower a civilization to confidently cooperate in the changing of our future. To evolve to a higher level of enlightenment together. The time for change is now and this is to be a tool for that change.

About the Author

Grizz Wagner has a long history of observing life around him, researching questions, and countless hours of deep contemplation. An epiphany showed him a new path. This path has led him to an empowered vantage point from which he sees the world, walking through life fearless and contented.