Forgive, Forget, and Release!

by Anna Daniel

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Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 7/06/2017

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 6x9
Page Count : 234
ISBN : 9781504308410

About the Book

The busyness and chaos that often surrounds today’s world has prompted many of us to search for answers to life’s greatest questions. In an enlightening, spiritually uplifting guidebook, medium Harriet Daniel connects with the other side to provide guidance to searching souls seeking inner-peace, an understanding of the meaning of life, and the motivation to move forward on their spiritual journeys. Within easily digestible paragraphs, Harriet provides clear direction from good spirits anxious to influence and instruct others on daily living. She leads others down an empowering path that encourage a focus on living one day at a time, remaining true to ourselves and our dreams, embracing challenges as opportunities to grow, trusting in our intuitions, finding gratitude, spreading kindness, and balancing our energy and lives overall. Forgive, Forget, and Release! shares wisdom derived from spirit connections to guide and light the way for searching souls interested in living meaningful existences on Earth.

About the Author

Anna Daniel is a local Christchurch spirit medium who has had several different lives as different people. She is an old soul who communicates regularly with the spirit world. She is guided by other entities and is currently on this book ( No.5 in a series of books) writing on self-improvement with the help of the spirit world. She is instructed as to what to write and this book can also be used as a reference manual by randomly opening a page and using the paragraph on that page for guidance. It is well known and documented also that many people can connect with the other side. These occurrences can give us guidance and help with our daily decisions in life. There is much help in this area of expertise and well known that there are good spirits who can influence us and instruct us in our daily living. More recently Anna has communicated with my mother who passed in 1985 and my Grandmother and was instrumental in contacting my brother who had also passed to the other side. Mediums are special people with special talents who, through their communication skills and familiarity with the spirit world can benefit us all.