The Physical Body, the Spiritual Body

Physical and Spiritual Bodies Compared

by Ainsley Chalmers

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Language : English
Publication Date : 21/11/2016

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 6x9
Page Count : 114
ISBN : 9781504304962

About the Book

Many people, including scientists believe the disciplines of science and theology are separate, unrelated, and sometimes antagonistic. Science is perceived by most to be centered on the measurable, physical dimension while theology revolves around the invisible or spiritual.

In The Physical Body, The Spiritual Body author Dr. Ainsley Chalmers provides evidence that the two disciplines can be intertwined. He describes a correlation between certain physical aspects of biological/medical research and how they pertain to Christian spirituality. He addresses aspects of gene structure and function, blood production and functions, gasses of life and their effects, various features of nutrition and malnutrition, properties of salt and finally how different systems within the human body cooperate and interact with each other.

And then Ainsley discusses Christian salvation, young earth creationism versus naturalism, Christian growth and development through the word of God, erroneous science and theology, interactions within society and the Christian community.

Finally, using his personal experiences as a scientist and committed Christian, Ainsley summarizes myths, truths and untruths present in both realms of science and theology.

About the Author

Ainsley Chalmers earned a PhD in medical science from Flinders University. He is a committed Christian and has worked in medical research in university hospitals for more than forty years. He’s written nearly one hundred publications on renal stones, cancer, medical biochemistry, and factors affecting immunity.