Know Your Identity—The Other Side of Reality

by Mary Coffin Johnston

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Language : English
Publication Date : 21/12/2016

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 8.5x11
Page Count : 102
ISBN : 9781504364584

About the Book

Know Your Identity--The Other Side of Reality explores the conscious and subconscious mind communications.  Coherence gained between the two hemispheres allow the two mind modes to work together for innovative treasures to surface from the subconscious soul mind.  Hemisphere balance gained by dream interpretation is used as a guiding force to:

· Reveal the way to your future.
· Help know your true identity.
· Designate the negative aspects that need disciplined and eliminated.
· Assist in problem solving.
· Free the subconscious mind for breakthrough creative insights.

More in life is unknown than is known.  Humanity should remain open to different ways of learning, such as, dream guidance to expand perceptions and perspectives which may involve risk and controversy, but, a balanced mind will cultivate sparks of curiosity for other’s thoughts to begin change. This inner guidance is FREE!

My interest in Mary’s 25 year journey “has been largely from the psychological dynamics of the enfoldment of the astonishing discoveries.”
Rosa Stone, Ed.D. (personal letter),
counselor, dream teacher and friend

About the Author

Mary Coffin Johnston’s dream guidance revealed her life’s purpose was to write her story, simple and direct, to show humanity the vital role perceptions and perspectives play in life. There are life experiences that words alone cannot express. The best way to understand them is to directly experience them and the next way is to read about other’s journeys in order to recognize specific aspects within one’s own sojourn. Each individual has his/her own path to finding their identity and life’s purpose. Mary Coffin Johnston, a widowed mother of six, resides in Ventura, California and completes her destiny, as well as, shares one way to Know Your Identity--The Other Side of Reality.